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Monday, April 20, 2009

Final Exam~ StaToooo!

The attention of the non-functional-during-daytime-girl, Nobby
Despite in the examination week..
Was once again
Glued to her laptop

Why Cant She be studying? Isn’t it what she was born for?(what a pathetic life)

Angelobby: Shouldn’t you be studying? You still got Ethnic Relation tomorrow! *smacking Nobby’s head* You even did badly on your Contracts this morning!

Lazynobby: *repairing messy hair* Alaaaa~~ today very hot laaa.. Hungry la. *open choki2* U want?

Angelobby; *throws away the choki2* Study! Benkyo o shimashou!

Lazynobby: *opens another one choki2* tonite still can study meh. *pulls couple of hairstrands* You see? I’m getting bald with all this readings.

Angelobby: *pretends not hearing* your parents coming tonight, still, you taking examination lightly?

Lazynobby: *also pretending not hearing* YAY~~!! Tonight finally got good food! (usually mama will bring along food from home)

Angelobby: *sigh* I give up. *dissolve into thin air*

Lazynobby: *dancing happily* Yayyy~~ Good food~ Good Food~ Goooooddd Foooooddd~~~

Nobby opened her laptop again
Watching a disney movie
That’s how the first day of second year final examination day end

p/s: Deepest apologies to my dear Housemates Intan and Amal—for all my gugur hairs spreading around under my table that caused such nuisance and greatly thank you for the non failure of sweeping them away for us and make our home clean and livable again.

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sungguh comel okay kamu ini!

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