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Friday, February 6, 2015

Entering : 2015


Dah masuk Februari 2015 dah. Cepat nya! I'm going to be 26 in 6 months. 

And I'm going to be a wife in six months.

My thoughts : WALAWEYYY

Well, well. Time flies, no doubt (bukan flies dah ni, tahap jet pejuang dah). There are so many things happened in one year. Can't say I enjoyed being one year older, but then, I'm one year awesome-r wiser. (hopefully). 

So far, what I've learnt from the whole 2014 is, such simple thing like, 31st of December turning into 1st January, changed a lot of things. 

Contohnya, (1) tarikh kuat kuasa adalah 1 Januari, a new law comes into life and changes the lives of so many people in just a few seconds, things that is not punishable is now an offence, fees you need not to pay previously is now compulsory , (2) you turn into a new age (umur) of which come with the package of burden, responsibility and also privilege. This or that you can't do a year before, you might be able or be allowed to do so now. Same goes to the things you never had to worry previously, is now a financial liability which will continue for the rest of your adulthood sampai lah kerepot-hood.

Tomorrow I'm going to Kursus Kahwin. Another small step that changes my course in life. (And he said he's paying, weee)

About that, untuk pengetahuan bakal-bakal pengantin sekalian, yuran am kursus kahwin yang selalu diiklan RM80.00 tu dah bertukar kepada RM120 atas arahan JAWI mulai Februari 2015. I have asked few places, semua cakap the same. So, kalau korang terjumpa yang RM80.00 lagi, sila berhati-hati, make sure it's not going to make you a Tipah. Pffft

Well, tu je lah aku nak cter. Sebab aku ini pemalu orangnya. Haha. Rasa macam self-conceited pulak cerita pasal wedding preparation. (Actually sebab apa pun tak siap lagi, don't really have anything to share about hahahahaha)

Anyway, just to entertain you, let me shared some of the foolish things I've done in 2014. Selalu orang story what they have accomplished kan, BOH-RING. Haha.

1. Attempt to dye my jetblack hair with henna. No Nobby, its beyond stupid. No sign of henna colour at all. Buat rugi henna je. Cis.

2. Purchase every cute notebook I saw. I end up have too many of them and none of them have ever been used. Must.Stop.This.Habit.

3. Went to Korea but totally forgot to bring my own pocket money. I end up mengemis kepada ayah sendiri, pada umur 25 tahun, yang bawak duit tersebut untuk diberikan kepada adik yang sedang belajar di Korea dan obviously lebih memerlukannya. Sekian,*terjun tingkap*

4. Tak jaga badan langsung. (Ni lah benda terbodoh kot, dah tau nak kahwin next year tapi masih procrastinating)

5. Got a fight with a friend (although he is annoying and perverted) and silently praying that one day we can be okay again, magically.

6. Saved too little money. Adoi. Bertingkat-tingkat kebodohan ini. Maaf.

7. Mencalarkan kereta sebanyak tiga kali setahun. Okay, in my defence, your honour, two of the accidents were caused by another driver(s) yang jeles dan mahu menodai tubuh Myvi ku yang suci murni. I PG satu je okay?

Okay, I guess that's it for now.
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May Allah Bless You.
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