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" Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it." -Osho

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello Apr 2016


Ye, Saya sedar sekarang dah April 2016. Genap setahun dua bulan tak update blog. Tapi kena update ke? Hahahaha

Fast Forward (zupp zuppp *efek bunyi). I'm married to the man I love so muchy (Mr Cwami), I had transferred and seconded to RMCD (Royal Msian Customs Dept), and finally I'm a mummy to Fifi the Cat Princess!

I'm married almost 9 months already. However! Contrary to the popular belief that marriage is all sweet and sugary, we started our first 3 month with a lot of Territorial Disputes (e.g fridge, bed, drawers, and work space. hahahaha), the next round is on Financial Crisis and Inflations (e.g Astro bills, Coway bills, Unifi bills, travelling expenses-coz in RMCD I travelled a LOT, whether or not to get new car. Those who are living with parents will never understand the need for this issues. Meh. ).

And after all the turbulence.. our honeymoon basically just started like, this year. HAHAHAHAHA. We finally enjoyed each other company and hari-hari text kat office "Can't wait to go home and see you" lah, "I miss u already" lah at 10 am in the morning *muntah darah*. Haha I Love U Sayang.

So, what's going on in Apr 2016?

Firstly I got April-Fooled with the news of Masashi Kishimoto's death, failure of heart. Which turned out to be FAKE.

Secondly, Malaysia is enraged with the issue of the queue at Fareeda, Kedai Tudung. Berebut laki perempuan  nak ambil number macam berebut makanan kat kem pelarian. Masya Allah.

Thirdly, harga minyak yang naik sikit. Baru teruja cauze (ejaan br kpd cause, sila viralkan) minyak turun hari tu banyak juga. 

Isu kewangan hang toksah kata padia dah laaa. Banyak tak sangga I hope our country get back on her feet quickly.

Sekian, semoga kita sama-sama dirahmati Allah dan panjang umur so we can meet each other again.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Entering : 2015


Dah masuk Februari 2015 dah. Cepat nya! I'm going to be 26 in 6 months. 

And I'm going to be a wife in six months.

My thoughts : WALAWEYYY

Well, well. Time flies, no doubt (bukan flies dah ni, tahap jet pejuang dah). There are so many things happened in one year. Can't say I enjoyed being one year older, but then, I'm one year awesome-r wiser. (hopefully). 

So far, what I've learnt from the whole 2014 is, such simple thing like, 31st of December turning into 1st January, changed a lot of things. 

Contohnya, (1) tarikh kuat kuasa adalah 1 Januari, a new law comes into life and changes the lives of so many people in just a few seconds, things that is not punishable is now an offence, fees you need not to pay previously is now compulsory , (2) you turn into a new age (umur) of which come with the package of burden, responsibility and also privilege. This or that you can't do a year before, you might be able or be allowed to do so now. Same goes to the things you never had to worry previously, is now a financial liability which will continue for the rest of your adulthood sampai lah kerepot-hood.

Tomorrow I'm going to Kursus Kahwin. Another small step that changes my course in life. (And he said he's paying, weee)

About that, untuk pengetahuan bakal-bakal pengantin sekalian, yuran am kursus kahwin yang selalu diiklan RM80.00 tu dah bertukar kepada RM120 atas arahan JAWI mulai Februari 2015. I have asked few places, semua cakap the same. So, kalau korang terjumpa yang RM80.00 lagi, sila berhati-hati, make sure it's not going to make you a Tipah. Pffft

Well, tu je lah aku nak cter. Sebab aku ini pemalu orangnya. Haha. Rasa macam self-conceited pulak cerita pasal wedding preparation. (Actually sebab apa pun tak siap lagi, don't really have anything to share about hahahahaha)

Anyway, just to entertain you, let me shared some of the foolish things I've done in 2014. Selalu orang story what they have accomplished kan, BOH-RING. Haha.

1. Attempt to dye my jetblack hair with henna. No Nobby, its beyond stupid. No sign of henna colour at all. Buat rugi henna je. Cis.

2. Purchase every cute notebook I saw. I end up have too many of them and none of them have ever been used. Must.Stop.This.Habit.

3. Went to Korea but totally forgot to bring my own pocket money. I end up mengemis kepada ayah sendiri, pada umur 25 tahun, yang bawak duit tersebut untuk diberikan kepada adik yang sedang belajar di Korea dan obviously lebih memerlukannya. Sekian,*terjun tingkap*

4. Tak jaga badan langsung. (Ni lah benda terbodoh kot, dah tau nak kahwin next year tapi masih procrastinating)

5. Got a fight with a friend (although he is annoying and perverted) and silently praying that one day we can be okay again, magically.

6. Saved too little money. Adoi. Bertingkat-tingkat kebodohan ini. Maaf.

7. Mencalarkan kereta sebanyak tiga kali setahun. Okay, in my defence, your honour, two of the accidents were caused by another driver(s) yang jeles dan mahu menodai tubuh Myvi ku yang suci murni. I PG satu je okay?

Okay, I guess that's it for now.
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May Allah Bless You.
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sep 2013 - Oktober 2013

Assalamualaikum Tuan Puan Ibuk-ibuk Bapak-bapak.

Salam sejahtera dan salam 1 Malaysia. ( En. Yunus LLB jangan mara aa)

There were so many things happened I could barely keep up myself. Workwise, yes, I am already assigned to Drafting Division of Jabatan Peguam Negara, Presint 4, which is quite nice since I got to stay a little while with moi parents and moi own katil. However, the downside of becoming a government servant is you might be subjected to a Transfer Order.  The perks, however, is so much more. Financial benefits and stability, plus you got to serve the people, not A person (who-might-have-to-many-pe'elll-since-he-is-paying-you-for-your-job).

There were comments from both my family and friends, yalaaaa dapat Division kurang spotlight ni orang pandang suku mata (sikit dari sebelah yee), but I was pretty happy I got into Drafting. Menari-nari sebelah kaki bila dapat tahu. hewhew. Oh btw, simen kaki telah dibuka, kaki comel tu sudah kurang comel... adalah kurang 0.9% comel... sebab tulang terbonjol sedikit di sisi kiri kaki. (wahahaaha, saya termutasi). So far, I love Drafting Division, it's a good place to start and a good place to climb up. Aminnnn.
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Syamir, stop it.

Post ini khas buat kawan baik saya, Mohd Syamir Saw, yang kuat menyakat, kuat menyibuk dan suka baca blog orang kuat-kuat dalam ofis yang ramai orang lalu lalang.

Ke hadapan sahabatku Syamir,

Cukup setahun dua bulan sejak aku mengenali perangai loyar buruk ko,(which is quite accurate sbb ko lawyer dan ko *toooott* haha) dan mulut bullet train ko yang selalu aku terlepas stesennya sebab ko cakap laju sangat,

I appreciate our friendship so much,

that I willing to forgive you,

and reconsider the idea of a long term silent treatment against you,

...if you would stop reading my blog loudly in the office.

Yours truly,


(Mesti ko terharu sebab ada jugak orang sanggup blog pasal ko kan kan)

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

UPDATE. Kalau ada sapa-sapa kisahlah kan? Hahaha


Wowwie! Horlyy Shaits! It's been a whiiiiilllleeee since I wrote anything here. (please baca while tu panjang sikit harakatnye sebab memang lama tak bukak blog. Haha)

Sorry-Sorry-Sorry. Aku sedari bahawa blog ni menyemak world wide web je, but hey, it's a one of the way I did to prove my tiny existence in this humongous floating sphere of green and blue. *peace*

Well, basically, there are a few reasons why i kinda try to lay myself low for a bit :
1. I've been busy
2. I'm still busy
3. Busy, can't talk.

Haha. Padan muka korang.

No lah, actually I do have valid reasons for not being able to update anything in my blog, namely:

1. I'm quite torn from the recent heartache. So, I'm taking some timeout for myself, and focused on what happening around me rather than to look for uncertain people or uncertain future. There are few male-people (that's what I call them now, male people. Because they are from a different species than me. Ughh) are trying their luck with me, what for god-knows-why, but I guess I have better defense system now. And yeah, that included changing my phone number because they just plain annoying. Bwahahaha!

2. I was quite busy, u know, doing serious stuffs and shaits. (sila baca sambil membayangkan aku bercakap dengan gaya berlagak gila. hahaha). Haha. I was quite preoccupied with my Call to the Bar papers. Orang-orang RKK memang susah untuk dilayani dan susah nak melayan kitorang. Last-last dek kegeraman dengan ketidak kerjasamaan mereka, aku terus pergi jumpa orang atas, dan lantas, mendapat tarikh Long Call yg awal. Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

Which have pros and cons also. Pro, of the course Long Call cepat = jadi Advocates & Solicitors cepat = cepat kerja = cepat dapat gaji = cepat dapat handbag baru (opss). Con, Tarikh dicepatkan, all the cause papers hanya ada gap sehari dua saja untuk difailkan ke Jalan Duta, sangkut jam, and balik extract di Bangi, and failkan lagi kat Jalan Duta, sangkut jam lagi, perghh, hardwork!

But alas, I got my Order on one sunny day of 5th  July 2013. :) I'm officially a lawyer now, Alhamdullilah.

3. Well, this is a twist to the abovementioned second point. Me and my practising career got into an amicable separation.

HOW IZIT POSIBBRU YOU'D ASK? Or you don't? Mehhh, I'm telling anyway.

I got a job at the Attorney General's Chamber. A government servant. Pegawai Undang-Undang Gred L41 (K).

WHY YOU'D ASK?? Or again, u don't? Since i'm feeling generous today, i'm telling anyway. :P

A lot of reasons, amongst all, it's basically why I took law anyway. I want to be a DPP. I want to make my father proud of me. I want to be able to measure my achievement with how can I better serve the public, not better serve clients who paid me money, who treated me at their disposal just because they pay me some tah-mana-dapat-halal-ke-haram-money. I want to serve the taxpayers instead. The people of Malaysia. Yeah, yeah, noble but boring sense of purpose. But I cannot lie to myself, Practising is not fulfilling enough for me.

So... That's that I guess. Oh! One more, I turned 24 last week, got a birthday cake and a new hairstyle.

Selamat Hari Raya Everyone~! Love you! :)
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ke hadapan En. Askar.


Sehari selepas berdoa kepada Allah swt mengenai jodoh, dia tunjukkan kebenaran kepada ku.

Aku ikhlaskan kau pergi. 

Cuma satu sahaja pesan ku :

Terima kasih. Halal kan semua yang telah ku katakan, makan dan minum yang mungkin sengaja atau tidak melibatkan dirimu.

All the best for both of you.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Of 16th April till 17th

Hello~ moto!
Pak Aji naik moto.
Okey, sudah la mengarut tiga baris.

Time for the real blog entry!

Hai, semua orang! Apa khabar? Sihat Ke? Buat apa hari ni?(Cewah macam host rancangan kanak-kanak jer? Haha).

Hari ni tamat lah perbicaraan 2 hari kes perebutan tanah oleh tuan rumah dan occupant yang aku ikuti sejak mula-mula masuk chambering lagi. Kes ni start bulan Feb 2012, firm kitorang, yakni. Messrs. The Chambers of Waran mewakili pemilik berdaftar sebagai Plaintif, menyaman occupants (Defendan) yang duduk rumah itu, tanpa membayar purchase price, mahupun sewa, mahupun deposit 10% walaupun sudah 3 tahun menetap di rumah itu dan renovate secukup garam dan gula mereka.

Masa aku masuk chambering pada Sep 2012 yang lalu, kes ni dah sampai tahap Pelaksanaan, di mana Plaintif(anakguam kitorang) dah menang kes, dapat Perintah mahkamah, tapi Defendan masih tak mahu menyerahkan pemilikan kosong (vacant possession) kepada  tuanrumah. So, minta polis dan bailiff dalam Perintah Pelaksanaan, menghalau (Omaigod jahatnya perkataan ni tapi direct google translate, so, sorry. Hehe) Occupants tersebut keluar dari hartanah tersebut. Dengar cerita dari Masterji ku, sangat DRAMA, menangis2 menjerit2 bergaduh2. Biasa lah, Hindustan.

Kemudian peguamcara Defendan merayu dan merayu  dan merayu (bukan yang melutut menangis tu, tapi prosedur Rayuan/ Appeal di Mahkamah Tinggi ye, adik-adik! ) sehingga lah Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi yang ketiga, akhirnya menghantar semula kes ni untuk bicara semula (Re-trial) di Mahkamah Sesyen Bandar Baru Bangi. So, here! We! Are! \(^o^)/

From what I see, it is clear that the owner/registered owner had the indefeasible entitlement to the land. Furthermore, both parties have signed an agreement that whatever renovation made is under the Occupants’ own risk, and the purchase price which is below market price, to be paid within 3 months. 

None of the payment was adhered, so? What the owner have left but to terminate the agreement and get back his land? The Occupants were contending that since they have renovated the house nicely, the owner is trying to get advantages and get the house, terminate the agreement, and sell it off for a higher price to another person. But well, everyone have their own version of story, can’t wait to see which side the learned Judge decide to be in favour of. Hee!

Kerja aku di situ pula adalah meminitkan dan menyalin dengan tekun semua soalan dalam Pemeriksaan Balas (Cross-Examination) dan Pemeriksaan Semula (Re-Examination). 26 muka surat semua nya fuhhhh. Habis setengah dakwat pen aku. Rasa macam reporter sekejap. Hyuk hyuk hyuk (ketawa fesyen baru)

I learnt a lot from this case, many many thanks to my Master, Mr. Vignesh Raju. I lap yu lah sir! I won’t probably forget this case , no matter how many years pass by. 

Oh daymn, aku kena buat hujahan and otoriti untuk kes ni.


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