" Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it." -Osho

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gud MowNing Malaysia!!

Hari ni bila aku bgn dari tidure, (spt biasa) aku check henpon dlu- oleh kerana simkad ku (yg bodo asik nk rosak ja) tak dapat dgunakan, aku gna no Lajen.

"3 Messages Received"

ohooo.. *bukak msj*

1- dari Patty- "Noby..Ari ni ko drumahkah?" (Uik? sapa kata. aku kat Las Vegas laa. haha. Apala. msti la ku kat umah)

2- Dari Biskut- "As'kum.. Cyg tgh watpe 2? Tdo lg ke?" (hee. malu malu)

3- Dari Faddy- "mownink bdk kepam. bgn r asik tdo je cmne x debab." (HEYYY!! haw derey yu sei laik dat tu mi??)

haha. That's y I LOVE my phone. setiap kali aku buka msj n to think that someone even bother to ask how're m i doing everyday.. I FEEL DAMN HAPPY.

N while gazing at the space (blum bgn lg dr katil nih).. I try to remember my acti5 numbers..

1. Patty the Cepat-Lapar-Girl

2. Cheah the tak-reti-bgn-tido-before-pukul 1 ptg-Girl

3. Amirul the BisKut-Prince

4. Natata the suka-wat-assumption-sndri-yg-complicated-Girl

5.Reiko the penggila-NEWs

Well, being someone's Acti5 must meant alot eh?

To anyone who ever texted me, Thank You Soooo Much!! I Love u All!

p/s: Patty kata she was actually intended to come to my house. Why didn't u tell me so. I shoulda got up earlier. Dammit. Waaaa
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Oh Happy Days~ La La La

Today is my Mum n Dad's anniversary!! Congratz Mama! Congratz Babah! Well actually, I wasn't aware of that fact until my mum went to fetch my adek2 from their tuition and suddenly my aunt- acuwa, called me n asking

Acuwa : Bella, ari ni ada apa2 ke? Tanya mama sat.
Me : Mama takdak la Acuwa. P amik bdk2 balik tusyen. Ada apa?
Acuwa : Ya ka.. Ari ni besday sapa2 ka?
Me : (thought for a while). Hm. Takdak2. Tapi anniversary mama ngn babah la bulan ni.
Acuwa : ohh.. Brapa haribulan?
Me : 26 hb
Acuwa : La.. Dey tangechi, hari ni 26hb la!!
Me : 0_O (interval) OH!! OH!! hahahaha
Acuwa : (laughing) k lah. Nanti mama balik habaq kata acuwa tepon keh?
Me : (thumb up) Beressss.

N so.. that's how i figure out that TODAY is their anniversary day. N now that I've mention it.. (suspicious face) they looked preeettyyy extra lovey dovey today. haha. Bila babah tgh kacau mama kat dapor when he came home from lunch td, I pretend not seeing and hearing anything (but i do smile cynically at them- and they play innocent face with me.hahaha)

Today mama masak Dalca, n ajak most of her siblings datang umah. Maybe mama nak buat makan2 skit. (err.. But she IS SLEEPING soundly on the sofa at the living room rite now.. *puzzled*)I do hope ramai kazen ku yg datang.. It' been a while since we've gathered.. N updated each other's story story. haha.

Mama n babah suka wat makan2.. n suka g family day.. n suka mrayap ke umah makcik pakcik ku (their siblings la) on weekends. Sometimes they gado2 (n we were left starved.waaa), sometimes they lovey dovey (cubit2, geletek2, tampar2, smackdown2-hahaha), n sometimes they join forces n pissed us off (xspecially when we were asking for something mahal n tak berfaedah. huhu). But we still love them anyway (La La La~~)

That's my parents. Though I knew not how they've met (they were the very the kedekut with infos on that particular issue or anything leading to it. Ceh), but I'm pretty sure they are one of the greatest lovebirds in human history.. today, 21 years before n hopefully days to come.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here goes nothing..

On the 17th of November 2008, while watching Katy Perry's vc ( not evn finished loading yet) with my adek Lajen, laptop's screen suddenly bleeping. The icons on the desktop keep on missing (as if it was constantly refreshed) like chipsmore- kjap ade.. kjap takde..!- wuaaaahh

Luckily my fren Hady Mirza (haha) taught me how to use Task Manager -Im a bit slow in this kind of thing- N I can still YM with patty. Thanks to Uncle blakang umah (for his wireless yg laju. Dan free.haha) i feel my cuti sem tdk dbazirkan.haha

N now, my sim card plak starting to mess wit me.

*suddenly the room became dark*

Baka laptop. Baka Sim Card. Baka this House.

N on this 28th my mum will send all of us (me, Cheah, Lajen, n Ajiq) to a stupid camp- where i"ll be a facilitator (WTH. I've never been to a camp in my whole life n now I've to b a facy?? Waaa) . N it's sumwhere in Rural Area of Perak. the area where even the Org2 Kuning of DIGI would never step in. Imagine the size of nyamuk2, the size of pacat2, the size of ular2 n ulat bulu. Oh Dammit. (bulu roma naik).
*bawak kuar pasport* mybe I shud go sumwhere at hawaii n enjoy this cuti Sem.wahaha

But still. I Hate Cuti.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's Here! It's Here! KiTAAAA~XD

Finally! The tyme for:

1. Fangirling n Drooling over kakkoi Cosplayer (oh! Oh! hope that abg shinigami I've met last yer will b there! N Miss Super Cool Roxette!! XDD)

2. Spend n spend n spend!! (for mangas n plushies n-maybe kawaii doujins. Hee)

3.PikCha! PikCha! Any Manga-ka n Doujin-ka within sight range will never get away from me! Wahahaha~ (Sori babah. I'm going to kidnap ur newly-bought RM985 Handy Cam! muahaha*super duper ultimate extremely evil laughter*)
4. Finding as much as I can-- Sketch Books (wahaha. Only 4 Comic artists' signatures)
But I'm still thinking who should I go with?
Reiko ?(essential but im afraid she already found someone to go with)
Patty ?(great too. but kesian plak mau ajak dia p jauh2 bgitu)
Fitri ?(n later died out of lung cancer. Great.)
Nevertheless. I still got a month to think about that.. but the most important + greatest facts are:(Finally..!)
Im too old for my mum's don't-go-anywhere-without-permission preaches
Im having soooo much free tyme -- since the semester isn't starting yet. HoYe!!
Im living outside (wahaha. I can go home n go out anytyme. Yeah Baby. SHwEET)
Im getting my driving license (I can smellll~ the Infinity of Freedom. Oyeh!)
Money shortage really isnt helping.
waaaaahhh T^T
*buying a month's stock of megi*
Who cares? Im Going!
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AdAKAH Aku JAhat??

Skit2 org wat assumption yg aku ni baek.
Innocent siott.
Bagaimanakah org2 berkenaan menjustifikasikan tindakan2 aku? Pakai apa? Otakkah? Matakah? Hatikah? Suka suki kah?
Aku plek arr. Seriously. Aku ni dah la muka crook. (tapi kdg2 comei jgk.hahaha)

Kdang2 otak aku lari sana sini. Kjap kat Jepun. Kjap kat Bangi. Kjap kat SP. Kjap kat buku lima. Kjap kat mulut. Haha. Jarang sgt ah dia dok kat kpala, kat tmpat yg sepatutnya.

Ha! Ada rahsia aku nak habaq. Kadang2 kan, aku benci org tak pasal (prangai yg aku dapat dari mak aku. Hahaha).

Kadang2 aku ni siott hipokrit buat syok gler, hepi gler, tapi sebenarnya aku lebih berminat tgk kuku kaki aku.

Kadang2 aku pura2 tak kisah, (sokay, Fine, Oyeh? Eh.. Takpe2), padahal aku tekan volume earphone aku sampai paling tggi.

Kadang2 aku marah org, kmudian myesal sbb tak marah lg teruk (bkn myesal marah org tu pon).

Kadang2 aku nak org tgk benda yg baek kat aku, pastu syok sbb diorg percaya.

Kadang2 aku risau rahsia aku pecah, padahal aku sebenarnya berharap ia dipecahkan, sbb dah bosan buat jahat tapi org tak tau.

Kadang2 rasa nak tembak org, nak kunci org dalam blik pastu buang kunci tu, nak amik barang dia plg suka pastu buang dalam tong recycle.

Kadang2 mnyampah gler bab* kat org sbb aku tau dia betul dan aku salah. Kadang2 marah tuhan sbb bg idup yg tak best ni kat aku, tp sbnrnya aku suka suma org yg aku jmpa dlm idup aku.

Tgk. Kan byk gler bnda jahat aku buat?
Aku jahat la. Sbb tu aku tak suka kat aku dr aku kcik lagi.
Tapi kan
Walaupun aku jahat
PLEASE LOVE ME *terjun bangunan*

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The Doctrine of Touch and Go

Who started it? The Government? (haha)
nah, it has been there as long as I ever knew how to spell ‘spoon’.

This doctrine was also called the “Doctrine of Betrayal”. This doctrine applies whenever you are using someone.. and left almost immediately, right after he or she finished it for you. In malay it was rather “Habis madu sepah dibuang”.
Why am I talking about this crap? Why, of course! I’ve been in that situation and currently still in that situation. Haha. This is how a relationship ends. Touch and Go.

Why all the trouble? The trouble to be nice, to be sweet, to be understanding, and then gone with the monsoon.. Does it feel good to be mean afterwards? To left her after those great times you have together? Maybe it wasn’t great, you just pretend for it to be great. Is it? But still, why all the trouble? If you didn’t like her in the first place, why pretend to be?

In my humble opinion, you DID liked her. You DID wanna try to enter into relationship with her. Somehow, you got this capital E which unconsciously shut yourself to her. I’m gonna play around with her, and that’s it. Is it? Is that it? You not gonna remember her? Not gonna think about things you like about her and smile (without realizing it)?

I love everyone I’ve met in my life, though I might not remembered them all. Speaking through my own experiences, forgetting is much much more harder than remembering. Doctrine of touch and go is such a LIE.

Once you touch and get a hold of a person, you can never let her go.
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