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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sihat ke? Dah makan?

(dengan nada mendatar seperti orang umumkan penajaan)- post ini ditaip khas untuk seorang pembaca blog yang setia nun di Penang sana. Dengan ucapan : "sihat ke? Dah makan?" haha.

Sihat ke? dah Makan? is the most common greeting question i often receive as sms. Sometimes I choose to ignore and move on to the next question, purposely because (1) I think its too trivial, the fact that I'm right here NOT complaining anything about my health or hunger level is the explicit sign of "yes, I am perfectly healthy and kenyang gler", or (2) Simply not interested to answer because I had something else in my mind. And aku perasan, only GUYS did this.

Kadang2 org tu insisted me to answer, sampai aku tertanya2.. Kenapa? perlukah? We had move on to another more interesting subject kenapa mesti "u tak jawab soalan i tadi. Sihat ke? dah makan?" Well, if im not feeling ggod I wont be answering your text messages, I'll be ignoring u and tido lagi bagus. And if im hungry, I'll find myself something decent to eat. So, all the boys out there yg suka tanya "Sihat ke? Dah makan?" I have a proposal for you.

NUMBER 1 : I know u are caring and all, but try to make it much much more interesting. Example, rather asking "Sihat ke? Dah makan?", try this.. "Im having nasi lemak rendang ayam as breakfast, Sedap sgt! What's yours? '. haaa kan macam seronok tu! cara yg menarik nak tanya dah makan ke belum kan kan kannn , OR "I woke up this morning juz to see my right eyes reddened, sakit mata kot. Please take care of yourself k?".. and the girl will go like "are you okay??Don't expose your eyes to too much light okay? Im fine btw".. Girls are future mothers, they'll go soft if you got hurt or slightly unwell.. :) tapi JANGAN TIPU!

NUMBER 2 : Daripada tanya dia sihat ke dah makan ke.. tanya la aktiviti dia hari ni.. that's te most simple way to show you care! and take note of her daily activities, show her that u actually LISTEN to her.. :) or even suggest a few fun activities that actually a part of your own routine.. bosan la kalau kitorang je yg cerita.. kan? nak tahu jugak apa aktiviti guys ni.. since u guys live in Mars kan. hahaha

Okay itu sahaja. Until next time (bila aku rajin balik. hehe) Take care, Earthlings!

2 orang cakap..:

Anonymous said...

omg! aku xsangka blog ni masih wujud! huhuhu. guess who am i?

nObby said...

hahahaha. ntah la.. sorry, peminat aku ramai sangat *oh perasan!*

siapakah cik adik yang manis ini? *bagi bunga*

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