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Friday, November 11, 2011


I don’t do reviews as I sucked at reviewing. Okay fine, I THINK I suck. But I do reviews anyway, in my secret notebook. haha. Whenever I finished with a certain movie or even found out a new band, I can’t stop myself from automatically reviewing them in my little mind. Sometimes the critic-me sounded like someone in a TV broadcast, sometimes I sound like a weird Vblogger, but rarely as my own self. However! Let’s not overlooked of what I wish to say and introduce to all of you keen readers who I am grateful of despite the fact that I often babbled on unnecessary things (like now).

Okay kids! Actually today I want to introduce (for anyone who already knew, just pretend you don’t ,okay? hehe) J-Music, only on a certain genre- ANISONG! Ja-Jaang! (plus exaggerated effects of poppers and confettis). ANISONG or its actual term is ANIME SONG are often described as opening or ending theme song of Japanese anime, soundtrack or even melodies created as OST for that anime. Anime industry is huge and widely known thus it often used as a medium of promoting J-Music thus unknown band, Indie ones or even the most talented and profitable artists gladly accept any offers for their song to be an anisong. However, for our purpose of discussion, I will introduce several tips which I always use to discover the latest, awesome possum kim possible bands!! (^o^)/ Nonetheless, before you proceed to read, I would like to apologies since this piece of material would be a little teeny weny bias, since it was according to my own preferences. You are, therefore, free to disagree with me. :)

FIRST! Find A Shounen Genre Anime. The best ones are of fighting slash action genres, mecha genre, battles or sci-fi with lots of explosions(mwahaha) or even the complicated fantasy thing. Not the ones with many fan-service scenes and cute bunny, wide eyed girls, please.(-_-“”). Best examples of great shounen anime which has splendid list of OST are Fullmetal Alchemist (1 &2 are both equally awesome!), Bleach and Naruto, and One Piece (well, the extremely long slash high rated series always condemn the production studio to choose their OP and ED carefully ^3^) and Gensomaiden Saiyuki. Shounen genre anime always use Fast paced-rhythms, including J-Rock and J-Heavy Metal, and also Hip hop beats to match with the intensity and young spirit atmosphere of the shounen anime.

My Own Experience : I started with Digimon: Digital Monsters Adventures at 10 where I learned to sing my first Anisongs- the OP such as Butterfly and Aka Target (Red Target) by Kouji Wada, and my favourites are their evolution songs such as Brave Heart and Break Up! Love them as kid, and still love them as adult. ^^ As I proceed to my highschool, I grew fond of Samurai X, Peacemaker Kurogane, Naruto ,Fullmetal Alchemist and so much more and their OST get even better with time. (And yeah I’m currently 22, I still kept them in my phone as ringtones no matter how many mobile phones I had been changing since 17.)

SECOND! Make Sure It Was Of J-Band! BANDS, I repeat . Although I held no grudge against individual singers, but through my overall observation Anisong which sang by band or even group or singer with instrument is ALWAYS AWESOME! Naming some, UVERworlds, Laruku(kyaahh! Haido!*hearts*), Chemistry, Yui, SCANDAL(Highly recommended!!), Home Made Kazoku, Greeen, and Orange Range.

My Own Experience: Choose the bands with FEMALE LEAD VOCAL. Before you choose not to believe, please listen to Ichirin no Hana from Bleach, Shunkan Sentimental and PRIDE from Fullmetal Alchemist and Star Driver, Blue Bird from Naruto, Please Don’t Say Lazy from K-On! My current favourite bands are SCANDAL (Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku Story, Harukaze and PRIDE) and Gacharic Spin (Setsunaku and Juicy Beats). They are my laptop’s wallpaper! Greatest All-Girls bands EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (emphasizing the effects by saying this while holding an electric-drills. haha)

THIRD! Always Check Out The Chart For Anisong!
This is pretty basic but most people are too oblivious and disregard this method. Not only you may discover new and cool anisong, but you can also discover new anime since most of them often broadcasted according to seasons- summer anime, spring anime, fall anime and winter anime. You can also find recommendations from anime forums and anime bloggers. They often inserted personal ratings thus it make easier for us to choose and thus search for the newest anisong.

My Own Experience: I used to start my search randomly. Once, I did find a list of 100 greatest anisongs of all time, but sadly, only 19 of them are to my liking (I searched and listened for all 100 of them, mind you!). But when I started to specified and narrowed my search to year and genre, I found a lot! Not to mention, some of them do attracted me to watch the anime! Naming some, Uragiri no Yuuyake from DuRaRaRa!, Tank from Cowboy Bebop, PERIOD and Shunkan Sentimental from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, COLORS from Code Geass, Hikari E from One Piece and I’m Alive from Kuroshitsuji. Oh! and H.T from Trigun, which is more ridiculous since that song has no lyrics at all. haha. But still, it attracted me to watch Trigun, and man, I was glad I watched it. Yokatta!

So, that does it. And this unnecessarily long post’s writer hopes it will be useful to fellow anime lover out there! Ciao! o(*^▽^*)o

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