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Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello Apr 2016


Ye, Saya sedar sekarang dah April 2016. Genap setahun dua bulan tak update blog. Tapi kena update ke? Hahahaha

Fast Forward (zupp zuppp *efek bunyi). I'm married to the man I love so muchy (Mr Cwami), I had transferred and seconded to RMCD (Royal Msian Customs Dept), and finally I'm a mummy to Fifi the Cat Princess!

I'm married almost 9 months already. However! Contrary to the popular belief that marriage is all sweet and sugary, we started our first 3 month with a lot of Territorial Disputes (e.g fridge, bed, drawers, and work space. hahahaha), the next round is on Financial Crisis and Inflations (e.g Astro bills, Coway bills, Unifi bills, travelling expenses-coz in RMCD I travelled a LOT, whether or not to get new car. Those who are living with parents will never understand the need for this issues. Meh. ).

And after all the turbulence.. our honeymoon basically just started like, this year. HAHAHAHAHA. We finally enjoyed each other company and hari-hari text kat office "Can't wait to go home and see you" lah, "I miss u already" lah at 10 am in the morning *muntah darah*. Haha I Love U Sayang.

So, what's going on in Apr 2016?

Firstly I got April-Fooled with the news of Masashi Kishimoto's death, failure of heart. Which turned out to be FAKE.

Secondly, Malaysia is enraged with the issue of the queue at Fareeda, Kedai Tudung. Berebut laki perempuan  nak ambil number macam berebut makanan kat kem pelarian. Masya Allah.

Thirdly, harga minyak yang naik sikit. Baru teruja cauze (ejaan br kpd cause, sila viralkan) minyak turun hari tu banyak juga. 

Isu kewangan hang toksah kata padia dah laaa. Banyak tak sangga I hope our country get back on her feet quickly.

Sekian, semoga kita sama-sama dirahmati Allah dan panjang umur so we can meet each other again.


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soleil m said...

Mana update psl pregnancy? Mana-manaaa? *mogok*

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