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Saturday, August 24, 2013

UPDATE. Kalau ada sapa-sapa kisahlah kan? Hahaha


Wowwie! Horlyy Shaits! It's been a whiiiiilllleeee since I wrote anything here. (please baca while tu panjang sikit harakatnye sebab memang lama tak bukak blog. Haha)

Sorry-Sorry-Sorry. Aku sedari bahawa blog ni menyemak world wide web je, but hey, it's a one of the way I did to prove my tiny existence in this humongous floating sphere of green and blue. *peace*

Well, basically, there are a few reasons why i kinda try to lay myself low for a bit :
1. I've been busy
2. I'm still busy
3. Busy, can't talk.

Haha. Padan muka korang.

No lah, actually I do have valid reasons for not being able to update anything in my blog, namely:

1. I'm quite torn from the recent heartache. So, I'm taking some timeout for myself, and focused on what happening around me rather than to look for uncertain people or uncertain future. There are few male-people (that's what I call them now, male people. Because they are from a different species than me. Ughh) are trying their luck with me, what for god-knows-why, but I guess I have better defense system now. And yeah, that included changing my phone number because they just plain annoying. Bwahahaha!

2. I was quite busy, u know, doing serious stuffs and shaits. (sila baca sambil membayangkan aku bercakap dengan gaya berlagak gila. hahaha). Haha. I was quite preoccupied with my Call to the Bar papers. Orang-orang RKK memang susah untuk dilayani dan susah nak melayan kitorang. Last-last dek kegeraman dengan ketidak kerjasamaan mereka, aku terus pergi jumpa orang atas, dan lantas, mendapat tarikh Long Call yg awal. Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

Which have pros and cons also. Pro, of the course Long Call cepat = jadi Advocates & Solicitors cepat = cepat kerja = cepat dapat gaji = cepat dapat handbag baru (opss). Con, Tarikh dicepatkan, all the cause papers hanya ada gap sehari dua saja untuk difailkan ke Jalan Duta, sangkut jam, and balik extract di Bangi, and failkan lagi kat Jalan Duta, sangkut jam lagi, perghh, hardwork!

But alas, I got my Order on one sunny day of 5th  July 2013. :) I'm officially a lawyer now, Alhamdullilah.

3. Well, this is a twist to the abovementioned second point. Me and my practising career got into an amicable separation.

HOW IZIT POSIBBRU YOU'D ASK? Or you don't? Mehhh, I'm telling anyway.

I got a job at the Attorney General's Chamber. A government servant. Pegawai Undang-Undang Gred L41 (K).

WHY YOU'D ASK?? Or again, u don't? Since i'm feeling generous today, i'm telling anyway. :P

A lot of reasons, amongst all, it's basically why I took law anyway. I want to be a DPP. I want to make my father proud of me. I want to be able to measure my achievement with how can I better serve the public, not better serve clients who paid me money, who treated me at their disposal just because they pay me some tah-mana-dapat-halal-ke-haram-money. I want to serve the taxpayers instead. The people of Malaysia. Yeah, yeah, noble but boring sense of purpose. But I cannot lie to myself, Practising is not fulfilling enough for me.

So... That's that I guess. Oh! One more, I turned 24 last week, got a birthday cake and a new hairstyle.

Selamat Hari Raya Everyone~! Love you! :)
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