" Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it." -Osho

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Convo Kakti, Mak Lang dan Sushi~~

Kakti saya sudah pon convo from diploma
Dulu dia kan dok kat Merbok masa saya kat SP
But still we rarely meet each other
Sikalang dia dok mghadap umah saya
But we still rarely meet each other (awat tah?? haha)
Tapi masing2 ada impian yg sama
Tunggu Janji Manis abang Imie nak datang blanja kitorang makan

saya tak sempat pegi majlis convo kat DSB tu
sampat g makan kat Blue Wave
(giler tak senonoh. dtg masa nak makan jer. huhu. Sowie Kakti!)

Masa di Blue Wave
kami tangkap2 gambar
(dgn tanpa segan silu dan tdk mempeduli mata2 pekerja hotel)

Maklang saya pula tertarik hati
melihat kesungguhan saya mau makan sushi
beliau ingin mencuba
Namun begitu, Beliau tersalah sangka cara memakannya
ingat seperti lemang dan perlu koyak seaweed itu

dan Paklang saya saja yang dapat diskaun pada tyme itu
tima kasih paklang
blanja Nabeela makan!
Nanti saya dah keja
gaji kedua mesti bawak maklang, paklang, kakya dan kakti makan steamboat
(gaji pertama mama babah dah chup)

Lambatnya nak Graduate ~~ Huhu~~

terpaksa potong krn sangat terserlah perbezaan ketinggian. aiseh.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Berjalan2 + Finals +House Cleaning = The End of Sem 3 Of BLS

Makk Aiii~~
(baru sedar lama tak bukak blog)
gila lama.. but given the circumstances, I guess I can't help it..
Apa yang aku ingat spanjang ujung2 sem ni.. Hmm..

One fortunate Thursday, I finally have the time to go out with Patty- we go hv Lunch at PAS, then walk around the Tasik while eating Cotton Candy (no fatin, i still tink we call it cotton candy, not floss candy) got a few pics of kame-san, then she brought me to the aquarium. Well, not good for me- I hate big Fishes.huhu - But it's kinda weird not knowing there was such place when in fact, I already been at S. Alam for almost two years. Haha. Thanks Patty!
-next tyme i'll buy u the Frozen Worms (Cacing Beku) for souvenirs. haha

Oh!! Despite in the Final Examination Week, I made some time to go out- Wif a really charming guy- he's tall, funny, cute (got lesung pipit!), stylo (well, i dunno if wearing a hampir-terlondeh-jeans is stylo.. haha), he's a good dancer and singer- but he's really, totally different wif me.. I kinda anxious that he'll be annoyed wif me and then leave me in the middle of nowhere in KL.. So I behaved. haha. We watched 2012, we went for bowling etc etc.. Ok Ok natchy, patty, amal, yana and all persons I've told them about him- he IS BAD NEWS.
He is definitely not good for health-both mental and physical~ haha. But he's nice. If he did ask me out again~ I'll Definitely say yes. ( Sorry Amirul. huhu )

Well.. the Finals~~Huhu (already cried in dismay)

Land - Okay. But still worrying
Admin - this paper made me feel stupid. I'm defeated. huhu
Criminal - Who the heck buat the question?? Curse You!!
Equity n Trust - Ada satu soklan aku jawab sekerat n tulis "sorry sir. I totally forgot" haha
SOGA n HPA - Okay laa.. Thanks Yana bg aku nama case last minute. ehee

Ha! n we housemates did buat a small makan2 session- with pizzas lebih RM100~ Gilo! (Not so small la kot) haha
N massive house cleaning afterwards. Macam nak raya plak. Our House, once again, SQUEAKY CLEAN~ PEOPLE! haha. amal la yg paling semangat. Habis setiap milimeter dapur dia berus. haha.

It was FUN, this semester. Hope i'll be panjang umur enuf to experience the next one. INSYAALLAH! *Peace*
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Sunday, October 4, 2009


I wish to apologize to (MOST of) my friends if I had not been able to:
-reply their texts
-call them at any rate
-meet them
-hear their stories
-(broke my promise) go have a meal together
-send some good stories to cheer them up

because as useless and down I am feeling right now, I acted like one too. A big loser and useless piece of shit. Forgive the emo me. I'll be back to normal as soon as I finished this whole tonnes of crap assignments and tests and Final examination. I'm just in my 3rd semester and LAW already get the best of me. Move on, me. Move on!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Being 20

I Once read
"Growing old is MANDATORY
but growing up is OPTIONAL"
haha. very true

me familia

me love amirul

me sista Cheah

me besties Patty

me housemates: Amal-chi, Yana-chi n Mimo-chi

Chibi Yana desu!

my super sensitive skin for reminding that I'm not young and you have to pay extra attention on what are you eating. hukhuk(ohh. I got muscle.haha)

and to everyone in my life, fully participated of partly, accidentally or intentionally. Sincerily, THANK YOU.
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Tributed to Sinah and Patty- The " HA? " Conversation

Last Thurs, me PAtty n SinOt went to PTAR 1 together, well technically not exactly 'Went Together' , we just agreed to met there. Haha. And I, someone who already been in UiTM Shah Alam for 2 years, finally came upon UiTM's Library System- OPEC (who bothers what does it stands for. It itself already sounds troublesome. Haha) Patty and SinOt found their books without any sweat at all ( not that I am, mind you). PTAR to me is the place to find cases manually, AFTER failing in attempts at Lexis Nexis. Haha. I can't study there, too many people I knew would be there, and thus, instead of indulging myself with studying, it will then become kempen-like where you-keep-greeting-people-yet- no-real-conversation-took-place. Things Learnt=ZERO. Pfftht.

Anyway. back to the real concren. Something Related to the title above. Later, we went to Cafe Menara to grab some lunch. Another thing learnt. Bandung Cendol. haha. Basically it is Bandung with things-(agar2?)-like-cendol. Hek eleh. Kata aku minum ayaq pelik2. Hang pon minum pa. Haha

Then Someone Called Patty. It Was kinda noisy there, being in Cafe and all. But still the only thing patty spoke was "ha?". DIFFERENT KINDS of "Ha?" s. haha.

Patty : Hello? kat Menara ni.
Jane D: lalala~ (who knows what he/she talking)
Patty : HA? (the kind of - What? I can't hear you)
Jane D: nanana~ (again. Who knows? haha)
Patty : Haa~ ha. (the kind of- Ohh. I got it)
Jane D: tatata~ (can't possibly know)
Patty : Ha??! ( the kind of- What? You Can't be right!)
Jane D: dadada~~
Patty : Haaa.. *drinking her air bandung* (the kind of- Okay. Go On.)
jane D : yayaya~~(I have noooo idea)
Patty : Ha?! ( again the kind of- What?! Really!)
Jane D : cha cha cha~~ ( maybe farewell?or something about Nobby is Cute. haha)
Patty : Ha. Ha. Ha. *nodding* (the kind of- Okay3. I'll do it) *hangs up*

hahaha. Is that A conversation Sinot? I dunno, but jom pi minum bandung cendol lagi! haha
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Monday, August 10, 2009


Actually I didn’t really thought to put this into writing, but one day, when I’m old, sitting on my rocking chair, wondering how my youth was, well spent or done wasted. I wished to tell the future myself that the present me gratefully believed that it was blessed with love. I have my boy, my family, his family and my best friends.

Dear my future self,

(credits goes to Mimi my housemate who hantar me to the station on time) On the 7th August of 2009, exactly at 9.13pm, I hop on a Red Konsortium with such excitement and anticipation swirling inside my belly. Haha (macam tak pnah lak kan?) Why? I’m going to pursue my heart, mi corazon, boku no kokoro desu ; which is in the form of a human called Mohd Amirul Asyraf. Why again? Woi. Dah lama tak jumpa laa. Rindu laaa. Aku pon manusia gak, skali skala kna la charge. Haha. How do I pick when should I met him? It was partly random, partly whenever his face nonchalantly fading from my ‘memory box’. Tanpa aku sedari~ sometimes I’m making up on how he looked like. Yeah. It was pathetic. We were too far apart that I started to forget how he looked alike. And that fact broke my heart. (and with this I hope no one will ever dispute me whenever I say I’m going to meet him)

That bus was freezing cold. I remembered my feet going numb n needles (kebas). N i have to constantly move my feet or it will suffered ‘Krem’. When my bus reached Pudu, Patty texted me-saying that she was in some sort of accident (a self inflicted. Hahaha) 1st I was laughing, but when she mention “patah kuku” and “berdarah”, my laughter died. I don’t really get how someone fell in the middle of jalan tar n terseret (hoi nobby. Isn’t that what your childhood filled with? Jatuh basikal n stuff) because I’m a proud owner of a few highheels and although I fell really hard on my face because of those (stupid heels), I hardly got any scratch. At all. (tapi ada skali jatuh tgga n dapat lebam kat lutut which healed two days later. Wuu) So Patty, Be A LOT MORE careful please. Didn’t I told you before? Whatever hurt you, hurts me more.

I reached at the Shahab Eki (main bus terminal in Alor Star) at 5. Amirul come a short while later. (another reason why I LOVED this guy. He never let me wait too long) God knows how happy I was upon seeing him, my cute Amirul. (okay2, I know being lovey dovey is the creepiest thing ever but can’t help it. Haha) Every love song I have ever knew started to play inside my head (this is freakingly true! It happened whenever I met him. This time it was “Wherever You Will Go” by The Callings. Haha) He’s not exactly an eye candy, but he is sweet enough to make me smile. He smell like soap and baby oil. He had wicked and naughty looking eyes that always make me malu2 nak tgk dia. Haha. He’s not big and muscle-ly, everytime I met him, it always mesmerized me how someone who eat so much to be this small. Hahaha. But he’s the perfect guy for me, I can always look up and looked into his eyes without spraining my neck (as with most of male human species in this world. Despite having a boyfriend, I always find them Hate-able) and whenever I held onto his hand, I always got this feeling that at the particular time, I am the SAFEST person in the world. People- I’m in LOVEEE~ hahaha

Okay2. I better stop writing about him or my tears will be overflowed n dripped on my keyboard


Thus, our two days together were filled with series of : tv watching, main2 senyum, sembang2 sambil jaga kedai, cabut uban (haha. Pakcik umur 19 tahun ini byk uban woo), hair styling, cheek and forehead kissings, kemas dapo, main ngan kucing- Boboy and Mimi- (which led to the artistical carvings on my hands), tgk J Dorama kat my laptop, buat air nescafe tgh2 malam (but he still sleep soundly right after minum nescafe. Haha. Cafein- Immune kot), and ice creams (Mango Tango mmg sesedap dalam iklan!). It was a very simple two days, but for me, it worth everything. And during those two days, once in a while, he’ll come to me and whisper to me ~”I Love u Sayang” Then I’ll replied “ I Love u too B!” . And I thought. This is HAPPINESS. I was BLESSED.

And that time come. Baka baka baka. Time to go home. I remembered gripping the edge of his sweater, unwilling to let it go. Holding his big hand, running through his thin and long fingers. Trying to feel him as much as I can while listening to him, who was singing a sad (and weird) love song. In my head, ‘Only One’ by Yellowcard is screaming while I’m bitting my lower lips, trying my best not to cry. I hate this part of our love story- the Parting- I’ll remember all of this, his loving smile, his mother’s kindness, his father’s jokes, his sister’s laughter and his brother’s affection. I’ll remember the sad look on his face when my bus started moving, leaving Shahab Perdana. On the bus I cried shamelessly. I couldn’t care less who heard me but I must cry. The throbbing in my chest was too much to bear with. I cried and cried until I fell asleep.

I reached Shah Alam. Back to my humble abode in Seksyen 7. Empty. Oh. Everyone gone to class. Sleep. Woke up. Land Law Lecture. Home. A lil crisis with Diana. Fix it tru sms. Natata texted me and successfully create a language clashing with any human language in this planet. Haha. Finally. Laugh of the day. Natata is the best. She’s always get the wrong timing (bila aku tgh makan la, tgh tgk movie la) but She’s ALWAYS there. I LOVE U NATCHY! Refreshed again. Yosh! (amirul ska cakap Yosh! Haha) . I am BLESSED. Thank you God.


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cuti H1N1 sungguh Bosanisasi

aku akui aku sendiri pon a suspect (given that i've been coughing n blowing my runny nose for almost two weeks + my ex roomate is a suspect and had been qurantined)

tapi tetap tak suka cuti H1n1 kerana:
A-Cuti raya kena potong (mampus pi la. aku nk ponteng. wahahahaah)
B- Patty kna admit kat Hospital Pantai Utara tapi aku tak leh p sbb jauh sgt (sowie patty *hentak kpala d dinding*)
C- Ada pelawat di umah aku jd aku sgt awkward
D- driving instructor aku asik batalkan klas (bkn aku ska sgt p klas tp aku malas la nnt kna balik lagi nk p klas mmandu)
E-mak aku suh kemas umah kaw2 dgn upah RM10 (waaaa~ ini child labour!!)
F- henpon aku dipomen di kedai henpon. wuuuu

haih~~ bulan 8 pon dah nak dekat. wuuuu. aku tamau jd 20~~~
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Date Wif Daddy

After much hectic-ness on Friday, which led to my absence at the japanese Class. huhu. I finally came home to Bangi. Hoye!

To my dismay. the Hectic-ness does not end..

i woke up at exactly 7 O'Clock.. (of coz after series of mama's yell) n prepared Ajiq for his Zoo trip.at 8 am, babah sent him to his skool.. while I babai my mama n Razin to their school's Hari Kokurikulum.Cheah was in her usual kelam kabut mood because she had tuition at 9 am. (IS THIS REALLY A WEEKEND??)

Then.. at 8.50am.. after hantar cheah to her tuition.. Babah n me bertolak to KL.. N it was F**king Packed. We went to Minerva n buy:

Penal Code
National Land Code
Sales of Goods Act
Mary George, Equity and Trust
Teo K.S and Koo L.T, cases n commentary
Wu Min Aun, Commercial Law
Hire Purchase Act
Specific Relief Act
i wanna buy M.P Jain, Administrative Law in Malaysia... but I already inherited it from Acuwa n Paksu. so. Save satu buku. haha
and several books that catches my eye

and all if them .. costed almost RM400 (sh*t mahal!!)
n then we went to the zoo to cari Ajiq n look how's he doing wif his school trip. (another f*cking traffic jam) and Babah suprisingly talked a lot.. most of them were about his experience as Law student in UM. haha. Because most of the author of my Law textbooks were his Lecturers! haha. He got to meet all of them in real life while I only saw their name in the Cover jer. How lucky. (well, most of them already gone anyway. haha)

Ok. Zoo Negara. Woah! I never remember it to be this big? haha. Punya la ramai family datang.. Parents with many many kids.. I dunno what makes the Zoo, zoo. Bising haiwan2 kah.. atau bising budak2 ni nanges. hahaha. Babah cakap " babah pon bawak anak jugak! tp anak babah ni umo dia dah 20 taun je la. hahaha". Yeah. thanks babah for reminding me of that. (sebab aku dah already terkinja2. "bah! gajah! bah! Zirafah! bah! bah! badak bah! besaq nya!")
then bcause he already malas to berjalan2 tgk haiwan and the only motive we are here is not that, thus, he started queueing at the Tram station (alaaaa~~) n I have to pay for it bcause he has no duit kecik. huhu.

n there we go.. around in the zoo wif tram. (i wanna see Lion but babah tamau trun. waa) n luckily ( sebab aku nak tgk animal Show) and we meet Ajiq. Haha. The sealion was magnificent! (i have never been to any animal shows b4. huhu) How come I cannot go for my school trip when Im still schooling?? Not fair!! My adik2 always get better treatment than me. huhu

Never mind. Then after that we went home because babah dah mngantuk n Im also penat. semalam dah la tak cukup tido n tak cukup makan. Balik2 km dua tido macam gila kat tgh2 umah. bangun2 aku sedar aku kat bawah meja living room. hahaha. macam binatang pliharaan plak.

Nway. spanjang hari ni aku tau byk bnda pasal babah. Including final masa 1st year dia eksiden dan cdra parah dan jawab paper pakai suar pndek(lutut berbalut dua2 belah) dan mata balut sblah macam lanun(kena jahit tujuh jarum). haha. But he still pass. (dia pandai. memang arrr)n he slalu ponteng lecture (bad example. haha)

BTw, it was tanoshikatta desu!!
Mybe i shud date wif babah more often. haha
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

GreY~ BluE~ n OrangE

sem baru dah stat. juga bermaksud aku akan mgalami series of kekurangan waktu tido. but padan muka. sapa suh amik law. haha

mggu ni saja dekat 2 kali aku jmpa patty. haha. dan rasa nya bercadang mau lunch hari2 sama2. macam waktu rehat skolah dulu.kan? kan? kan?

sem ni started quite weird. aku dan rumet aku tak cakap sgt. dia marah aku kah? tp aku tatau nk tnya apa. tnya jawab spatah. kdg2 tak smpai spatah pon (em. uh. dan ah tu bukan perkataan kan?? huhu) aku agak sedih maka aku slalu p cari patty. at least someone can happily talk to me n i can happily reply her back. huhu. Patty pon tgh busy adapting to shah alam. shah alam is pretty scary for first timers. aku pon sama gak. masa asasi dulu nasib la aku rumet ngn Jeep n Mie. Boleh jgk aku balik bilik dan bergosip atau dgr mreka bergosip smbil makan keropok. haha. (macam tgk wayang plak). last2 satu klas diorg aku knal. haha

patty slalu cita kat aku btapa dia nak balik puncak pdana. aku sbnarnya hepi dia kena datang sini. tp bila pikiaq balik sgt selfish pulak harapan aku ni. so, aku try sbrapa yg aku leh nak bg dia hepi kat sini. aku suka shah alam (selepas brapa sem baru la suka). kat shah alam aku rasa aku seorang wanita berusia hampir 20 tahun, boleh pegi mana dia suka, kena selesai suma problem sendri, kena berpeluh2 jalan p kelas dan kena berjaga tiap2 malam buat esainmen, jalan2 jumpa kawan dan say Hi! kuat2. walaupon aku takot jalan sorg2 tapi aku kna buat2 brani. haha
klu aku d umah aku rasa mcm kanak2 yang mana pon mak ayah tak bagi p, hidop aku hanya untuk buat house chores dan men laptop dan teman ayah aku bayaq bil. plus, the only fren aku kat bangi ialah seorang lelaki yang bekerja d celcom centre. sedih siot. tu la pasal aku suka shah alam kot.

so, sem ni aku determine nk
-study awal2
-bagi patty suka shah alam
-dapat lesen
-kurang berfoya2 dan men game (yeke..~~ hahaha)

aku gembira bila mak ayah aku anta aku mai shah alam dan lepas tu mreka trus pulang. aku bgtau. Takpa2, nnt kak bila buat sendri. Rasa sdikit bangga pula dapat cakap macam tu. haha

sem ni klas aku agak pack. walaupon aku malas sbnarnya tp aku agak hepi kna life aku kat klas je sbnarnya. byk klas= byk life (la kot? haha).

aku dah p umah patty. umah dia luas gak. ada maskot kura2. haha. dan washing machine Orange. hahaha

Gambatte Minna san!
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little Words

Nex sem
ada Patty
ada kakti

tp jugak ada subjek2
dan jadual yang mnyakitkan hati

I guess
What will be
Will be

Juz get over Nobby!
Gambatte Everybody!
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Jadual nex sem

pasal pack sgt???

LAW 501(LAnd Law): 2.10-4.00

LAW 505 (Criminal Law): 8.30-10.20
LAW 442(sales n Hire purchase): 10.20- 12.20
LAW 505 (Land Law): 2.10-4.10

LAW 442 (sales n Hire Purchase): 2.10-4.10
LAW 501 (Equity n Trust): 4.10- 6.00

LAW 506 (Admin Law): 8.30- 10.20
LAW442 :10.30-12.20
BEL492 (presentation skills): 2-4
LAW 501 (Equity n Trust): 4-6

LAW506 (admin Law):8.30- 10.30
LAW504 (Land Law): 10.30- 12.20
Japanese Language:3-5

aku paling tak setuju japanese pnya klas
aku nk balik bangi
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Tagged by Jes

1.If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
cry. then curse. hahaha. so immature

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
Billionnaire. Have big House. Big Family. N big Jamuan every month n blanja member2

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
Body builders'. mesti keras kan? haha

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
p haji. Bawak mak pak aku p Haji. adik2 p study oversea, N blanja makan kawan2 (nmpaknya spt seorang yang either takdak idea atau tak dak wawasan. haha)

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
I currently am. haha. He's one of my best fren what.

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Loving n being loved back. It's always a blessing

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
sampai syurga. hahaha

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
it will then, remain as secret. huhu

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be? your gf/bf or an actress/actor?
Ngn Kawan2. tak payah purak2 sgt. plus leh jd bahan ketawa masa reunion. huhu

10. What takes you down the fastest?
Buku LAw. hahahaha

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
masih comel. haha

12. What’s your fear? macam jes jawab. khilangan org tersayang. nitemare!

13.What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is? -
Jes? Jes ni comel dan romantik (dgn pakwa dia la. bkn ngn aku. haha)

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
Married but poor? tamau ah. nnt anak2 aku mau makan apa?? haha. I'll be rich n married. No matter what. haha

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
tgk jam n tido balik. hahahaha

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
Totally. I dun wanna be the one to be blame if the relation ship somehow does not working.

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
The one who shows care more. haha

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
of course. Aku pon bukan baik sgt. huhu. I want ppl to do the same for me

19.Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Apa Nobby buat HAri ini?

Pukul 8 hingga 10 pagi
Sedang: kemas umah, dapo, basuh baju, sidai baju, mandi, makan, masak nasik, angkat kain dr jemuran smbil dengar music player
Akan: men game! Hoye!
Rasanya tak akan: bagi tau ajiq aku terdelete game dia save semalam. Syyhhh~!!

Pukul 10.30 hingga 12.50
Sedang: Men game Digimon World DS
Akan: Men sampai sapa2 balik dan marah aku men game lama2
Rasanya tak akan buat: Dengar cakap orang yang marah aku tu. (bawak laptop masuk bilik dan sambung men)

Pukul 2.30 hingga 4.30
Sedang: berenti men sebab tensen asik kalah, pastu pi semayang tenangkan diri (haha)
Akan: Pi tengok tv pula
Rasanya tak akan buat: apa2 yang berfaedah. Alergic. Hahaha

Pukul 5 sampai 6
Sedang: Geram kat tv kerana rosak
Akan: tendang dan karate tv
Rasanya tak buat: bagitau kat babah retak kat tv tu sapa buat

Pukul 6 sampai 6.15
Sedang: jalan kaki nak amik ajiq kat sekolah agama dia sambil mesej2 ngn amirul
Akan: pikir kat mana nak cari the white milo tabur untuk patty. Hmmm.. * muka berfikir dgn konsentrasi*
Rasanya tak akan buat: ingat kan patty tentang the white milo tabur lagi (duh! U r doing it now!)

Pukul 6.30 sampai 7
Sedang: Mandi, semayang dan makan ( baru nak makan)
Akan: bukak newspaper tengok cerita apa best malam ni
Rasanya tak akan buat: cakap kat mama bahawa aku lupa lipat kain ( angkat se bundle kain dan nyorok kan dalam bilik tido)

Pukul 9 sampai 11
Sedang: tengok tv dan tgk2 ada mesej dari Paten. Haha. Ada peminat baru yang di jodohkan oleh Wanyu. Wiwitttt~~! (contagious-free-publicity-syndrom- dijangkiti dari Patty
Akan: Pi sambung men game kerana dapat cheats baru. Yay! ^o^
Rasanya tak akan buat: Lipat kain. Esok masih ada. Hehe

Sekian la hari2 bosan Nobby masa cuti sem. Sudah Gemot. Huwaaa~

p/s to patty: nnt aku nk tarik ko jogging ngn aku kat tasik tiap2 weekend! MWAHAHA *evil laughter*
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dayat Tag SayA


1. dia tengah duduk depan tv. apa ada kat skrin tv sekarang?
msti tgh men game

2. makanan apa yang dia tak suka?
makanan basi, tak sedap, sayur, timun dan tauge. haha

3. nak keluar pergi makan dan minum. dia order apa?
Mc Chicken. Air tak tentu.

4. dia pergi sekolah/universiti kat mana?

5. dia sedang menceburkan diri dalam bidang apa/bekerja/masih belajar?
bidang raja lawak kot? haha. X de la. tgh upper 6

6. apakah saiz kasut dia? 6 atau 7

7. kalau dia mengumpul barang, apakah barang yang mungkin dia kumpul?
komik dan konsol game

8. makanan apa yang kalau boleh dia nak makan hari-hari?
KFC dan Pizza hut. High maintainance tol pakwe saya ni. huhu

9. pakaian apa yang dia tak akan pakai?
depends. kalau dia suka baik bli jer.. sbb dia ni cerewet. ssh nk cari baju dia. kn b? haha

10. apa yang selalunya dia pakai bila keluar bertemu janji dengan awak?
T-shirt Man U, Jeans, tali pinggang putih faveret dia

11. siapa sahabat baik dia?
Nabeela Shakina bt Abdul Razak . Mak dia. Dinesh. Ghana. dan Azuan.

12. warna kegemaran dia?
Itam itu emas

13. benda yang dia selalu buat/perangai dia (habit)?
kelakar dan buat comel. hahaha

14. apa yang dia banggakan?
Lucy~! Motor dia- named by me. haha

15. minyak wangi kegemaran?
dia xske myk wangi. tu la pasal dia bau mcm bby oil. haha

16. awak rasa dia akan baca benda ni?
tak mungkin. hahaha.

17. bagaimanakah anda berdua jatuh cinta?
Love at first Sight. hee~

lima orang yang anda ingin tag :
masalahnye kawan2 saya pasti marah klu saya tag mreka. huhu.

JES! ko jelah yg aku leh Tag.. huhu
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sonot Gak. Haha

Nabeela Shakina bt Abdul Razak

2.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME:(mother and fathers name)
Mashitah Abdul Razak

3.NASCAR NAME:(first name of your mother's dad, father's dad)
Ghazali Musa. Sorry tok ayah, sorry Atok. huhu

4.STAR WARS NAME:(the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name)
InaNa. hahaha. banana?

5.DETECTIVE NAME:(favorite color, favorite animal)
Black Lion

6.SOAP OPERA NAME:(middle name, town where you were born)
Nobby Teluk Intan

7.SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd fav color, fav drink, add "THE" to the beginning)
THE Red Strawberry Milk - hahaha. siot tak heroic lgsg

8.FLY NAME:(first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name)
NaZak? hahaha. nak mati ke?

9.ROCK STAR NAME:(pets name, current street name)
Ren Nobby. eh? sdap pula haha

10. PORN NAME: (1st pet, street you grew up on)
Mimi 7/5A. hahahaha

11.YOUR GANGSTA NAME:(first 3 letters of real name plus "izzle")
NABizzle. Eww. Geli mak. tak gangsta pon?

12.YOUR GOTH NAME:(black, and the name of one of your pets)
BlackNovas. haha. ni cyberpet aku pnya nama

13. STRIPPER NAME: (name of your fav perfume, fav choc)
Ice Choki Choki. Lazat nya nama. haha

14. WIZARD'S NAME: (last 3 letters of mother's name, first 3 letters of current job, first 3 letters of your zodiac sign and last 3 letters of home street's name)
Tahstu LeoJuh. nama watak tak pnting dalam HP n tadak sapa bother nak ingat

15. PIRATE'S NAME: (fav actor last name, your 'pet' name, fav actress last name, add "Captain" at the beginning)
Captain Kimura Nobby Heigl
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Friday, June 12, 2009

PeNat Laa. Waa

khas utk patty- Tanda kasih syg aku . harhar

Cuti sem aku sangat boring. Ini adalah kerana family aku tdk pergi ke mana2 dan kalau ke mana2 pon pasti sekejap je. Adalah p melaka pada 1 hb sampai 2 hb (bengong tol sat sgt) tapi sempat la jgk naik menara taming sari. Best2~! Dan makan kat McD depan Zoo Melaka. heheh

Tapi.. pada 5 hb famili aku balik kampung kat Kg. Gajah (kampung aku yg cantik dan udara segar tp byk nyamuk) untuk menyaksikan akad nikah Angah (kazen lelaki aku yg mrupakan seorang doktor dan telah mlangkah bendul krana abangnya Along pon belum mau kawen lagi). Malam itu mama dan babah telah tinggal aku dan adik2 sebab mau p Vietnam on the very next day.

Aku sebenarnya agak chuak (sbnarnya sgt chuak sampai nangeh), kerana 1- aku tak biasa ngn sedara mara belah babah tiba2 kena tumpang mereka, 2- dpt intuisi bahawa aku dan adik aku akan dibuli di majlis kenduri krn maklumla mak pak kami tadak.. suma org msti mgarah kitorang la. Wuuu dan 3- Last tyme mak pak aku p oversea bersama2 ialah masa aku dajah 6. Takot woo berada beribu km jauh dr mak pak. Walaupon aku ni dah mrayap rata tp balik bangi pon tak penah balik sendiri. Dan keluarga Wancik (adik babah yg tumpangkan kami) pulak sgt baik smpai aku rasa bersalah (kerana aku mmpunyai adik2 yg banyak songeh).

6 Jun 2009
Majlis kenduri Kak Ngah ( angah’s bride) kat Langkap, Teluk Intan, Perak. Tema nya krim dan Brown. Cantik giler Kak ngah~ rugi la dapat kat angah yang sengalistik tu. (haha. Sori angah. Pengantin tak leh mara~~) tak dpt merayap sgt sbb umah orang kan..
Ha! Tp tyme berarak ramai2 .. Bekas Bunga Telur yg besar dan berat tu ilang balance n jatuh. Kecoh la kjap. Haha. (Cheah tiba jadi seorang yg senyap krna dia yg pegang bunga telor tu. kuikui)

7 Jun 2009
Majlis kenduri Angah (aku berpeluh2 buat keja wooo- peluh2 sexy. Haha) kat Ipoh, Perak. Ni sah2 terang nampak doktor kawen doktor.. 10 khemah tak termasuk 2 khemah rombongan pengantin pompuan. Tetamu: 2000 lebih. Theme: Gold n Purple. Aku jer yg pakai tak ikot theme sbb nk sepasang ngn baju Cheah. Ceh. Tp yg bestnya ramai kenal aku (sbnarnya depa knai pak aku ja. Haha. Nama aku tyme tu -”anak Ajak”.). Aku jmpa gak anak2 buah aku kat kem- Putera Iqbal: form 4, ngan Fathurrahman : form 3. Haha. Suma dok tgk aku ngn aneh sbb tgh aku dok berlari sana sini bagi bunga telur, Iqbal dok ngekor aku smbil bersembang. Haha. Mesti depa ingat kami ni ada skandal. Haha. (nasib bek mamat tu hensem. N well, aku ni kan ada ’charm’ ngn anak2 ikan. hahahaha)

Aku dan kerusi angah. haha. tamau duduk bekas peluh2 pngantin. kuikui

8 Jun 2009
Asalnya nak p The lost world of tambun tp tak jadi sbb sgt ramai dan tadak duit- RM21 per head. Gilo. Last2 p Giant sebelah tu dan makan. Haha

9 Jun 2009
Memandangkan sehari sebelumnya kitorang tak leh mndi.. wan cik bawak kitorang p Teluk Batik. Mandi laut trus~! Haha. Adik2 aku suma terjun, aku tamau sbb badan aku nek tompok2 macam rimau bintang sbb makan banyak telur kat kenduri. Huhu. Lagi satu fakta aneh ttg aku : I’m alergic with Eggs.
Maka, aku yg bosan ni mula la tgkap gambar suka suki aku sambil dok kat kerusi malas (kena bayaq rm2- hampeh tol). Kebanyakan nya gmba kaki sbb aku malu nk pose2 tengah2 ramai org kat pantai tu. Biasa la sampah2 tu tp that beach still looked nice.

(kjadian tak best di sini ialah Ajiq mnangeh kuat2 krana Homesick. Siot tol)

Dan lepas tu kitorang p minum2 di Lumut. ABC Special. dan cendol. PATTY~ aku makan cendollll~~ haha

kaki aku comel. hahaha

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Currently asked Question (to me)

The only reason why I watched K-Drama ONLY during 1 a.m and above?
I am a VERY VERY big sucker for sad love story. The moments the actor/actress shed one or two tears , i’ll have a totally runny nose n wet cheeks. N wet n totally penyet pillow which i’ll always hugged every time i’m having a midnight movie.

And of course. Who wants to be seen in the state of puffy eyes? Haha

The only reason why I liked Lions and keep on buying Lions thingy? (not something like Lions’ skins n all. That is Pure Evil!)
They are Cute. Hahaha. I know.. no one give a damn on lion merchandises, but since i’ve bought a cute lion pencilbox, people started to notice them n texted me whenever they found one. Haha. Really hope to find a humongous lion plushie one day. Nyaaa~~

(and unfortunately I had once left him at the APB booth and Patty had done a good job REMINDING me of that accident- nota kaki to Patty: I totally OBJECTED to the baboon name. Why in the world a lion would be name baboon?? Is your jaw pain induces your weirdness? Hahaha)

The reason why I hate Pink?
When I moved to Bangi.. the house was actually hadn’t been fully renovated yet. I was, of course, at shah alam undergoing my classes. Then when i finally headed home, I discovered that my bedroom's wall (which I am sharing with my sister Cheah- who, unfortunately, is the one who picked the colour) is PINK from top to bottom, right to left. And that incident also adding up the reason why I'm gonna hate Cheah every morning when I woke up and looked at the PINK wall.

Anyway. I know I'm a weird person (and keep getting weirder everyday).. so if any of you had any question for me.. feel free to ask. As long it's not (a)something about my weight, (b) something about my height and (c) something about my hobby of eating tomatoes. Why? Because they are all something I CANNOT explain. Thank you. *professional face*
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kenapa saya main Game?

lately aku agak bz bercucuk tanam (dalam harvest moon NDS: Island of Happiness) dan asik tak dan nk online sbb adik2 aku dah balik. Tapi aku sempat p amik ujian teori lesen memandu dan sangat kalut jawab sbb nk balik smbung men game (7 minit 52 saat. Result? 49/50. haha) Kak siti yg dr driving skool tu cakap tak smpat dia nk p toilet aku dah kluar dr exam room. haha. dan dia terpaksa tahan kencing sbb lepas tu dia trus anta aku balik. harharhar *ketawa kejam*

tp aku men hanya bila keja2 umah aku dah siap buat na.. aku baik, rajin, mulia, dan comel (bangga diri)

sbb kalau aku tak main game terpaksala (terpaksa?? haha) aku tgk tv. bila aku tgk tv aku tertidor. bila aku tertido aku biar elektrik terbazir. nah. jd bek aku men game. haha (macam la men laptop tak pakai karan)

waktu aku kcik2 dulu aku slalu tercedera. jatuh basikal. jatuh parit. terserst kat jalan tar sbb men lari2. tp aku tak ingat pon aku rasa geram. tiap2 kali jatuh aku msti bangun pastu gelak ngn kwn2 aku n sambung men balik ngn darah2 tu ( balik2 kna bambu ngn mak aku sbb kotor sgt. haha). Skrang? aku stay flat kat kusi. eye locked on the laptop's screen. Bosan

aku rasa klu bukan men game, aku rasa aku langsung tak bergerak mentally n physically. Awat la aku dok kat tmpat yg di mana bukan aku mmbesar? waaa. bosan gila. mmber pon tadak, melainkan aku dah sgt desperado dan pegi bergosip ngn bibik2 d kawasan prumahan ini. padahal kat bangi ni apa yg tadak? wyg? boling? taman tasik Celaka? (cempaka sbnrnya. haha). cuma aku je yg tadak lesen nk merayap ( lesen memandu dan juga lesen parental permission. huwaaa)

waaaa~ aku nk paten. aku nk natata. aku nak mirul. aku nk dayat. aku nk reiko. aku nk amal n mimi. aku nk kazen2 aku, atiqah, kakti, kakya. waaaaa~~~ (sambung men game balik)
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Adik aku pon tau~

adik yang paling kecik aku cita kat aku..

ada sorang imam ni.. dia baru dapat anak.. punya la lama dah kawen tp baru dapat.. dia risau la anak dia jadi apa besaq2.. last2 dia wat satu ujian..

dia sediakan 4 item, yakni (aiceh! haha)

1. Al Quran
2. Sebatang pen
3. Segelas arak (jgn tnya mana dia dapat. aku taktau)
4. Senaskah Majalah Playboy

dan kemudian dia letak anak dia di hadapan item2 itu dan menyorok untuk melihat apa tindakan lanjut anaknya.

Dia dapati:

Anaknya amik al quran itu... (alhamdullillah!- said the imam) kemudian dia kepit al Quran itu di ketiak.. dan amik pen itu.. lantas menyelak2 dan menulis di dalam majalah Playboy itu.. sambil minum arak..

Imam : Ya Allah! Anak aku jadi AHLI POLITIK!!!

haha. demikian la rakan2. Nex year sudah tiba umur mengundi~ Pilih la calon yg betul
Renung2kan dan selamat beramal~~~ hahaha
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aku Tak Paham Laaaaa~~~

aku tak paham laa~

knapa orang memilih kawan?
kenapa orang ranking kawan2?
memang la orang kata kita kena memilih rakan yang betul.. tapi dah kita tau dia tu bukan jahat pon, dari famili baik2, pastu brain pun ada, so?
n bukan nya kita tak knal dia pon
sebab apa kita nak cari orang yg tah mana2
kawan yg konon nye macam kewl.. tp sbnarnye tak kisah pon kat kita?

lagi satu
aku tak paham laa~
org2 yang touchy bila kena tegur
kalau kita rasa org len pnah wat salah kat kita
napa tak kita pon?
kenapa kita nak garang kat org len
tp kita pun marah bila kena marah?

aku tak paham laa~
kenapa laa orang marah aku
bila aku cakap benda2 yg aku tau btul
tp dia je yg tanak dgr bnda yg aku pointed out
msti sbb dia tau aku btul
sbb tu la dia marah kan?

aku tak paham laa~

walaupon aku dah kenal diorg lama

tp kadang2 aku tak paham ngn manusia ni

babah pnah cakap kat aku :
1. Layan orang macam mana kita nk orang Layan kita (treat ppl the way u wished to be treated)
2. Biar la orang buat jahat kat kita, jgn kita buat jahat kat org

tp sbnarnya aku tatau nk layan org.. nak jaga hati.. nk jaga manners.. nk jga muka org.. klu aku nk tegur org, tak pnah rasanya aku buat dpn 3rd party.. nk consider tahap ke'touchy'an dia lagi.. tp aku tetap bersabar~ with the hope of finding a way to voice out my dissatisfaction without hurting anyone~ Wish Me Luck @_@
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Masa2 MuDa Mudi~~

Aku sungguh Comel. (bangga tanpa sebab yang nyata)

Mama aku kata, masa aku kecik-kecik, aku ni buas gila. Suma nak panjat. Suma nak krabat. Suma nak gayut. Tapi aku tak leh la nak nafikan ke hyper an aku masa kecik sbb ada bukti smpai la la ni.(banyak parut bekas jatuh). La ni aku tak panjat2 dah la.. Dah taubat kembali ke pangkal jalan menjadi wanita melayu yang ayu.

Kemarin aku bukak album2 lama family aku. Berhabuk siot. Haha. Ada gambaq kami empat2 beradik masa baby, masa pra tadika, masa tadika, sekolah rendah, sekolah menengah sikit2, yang gambaq2 baru ja tadak sebab dah pakat canggih.. simpan dalam laptop atau memory card videocam ja. Dan aku dapati.. Aku sangat comel (dan masih comel haha) serta kurus kering masa kecik2 dulu. Dan juga sangat buas sepertimana mama aku habaq- kebanyakan gambar aku adalah gambar2 memanjat, bergayut dan memperosokkan diri dalam kotak dan bakul (sebab aku kan kurus tyme tu. Ceruk mana pon aku muat punya).

Ni gamba aku masa tgh khusyuk tgk tv. Stunt terhebat spanjg masa. hahahahaha

Ni pulak gambaq aku panjat kandang singa kat Zoo Taiping. Hahahaha. Terbukti bahawa aku dari kecik mmg suka singa. Aku pakai suar merah tu, Cheah suar biru, Maktok aku yang pakai baju kurung, Mama baru je nak pusing tgk tmpat lain (yang baju blueblack + tdung kuning)

Masa aku kecik, aku agak boyish sebab aku suka rambut pendek dan pakai seluar pendek mnampakkan kaki aku yang macam ranting itu. Tapi aku tau aku tak tomboy sebab aku suka budak laki-- aku ingat lagi aku suka kat sorang jiran aku, dia tu muda setahun pada aku (haha. Pastu aku mmg dapat pakwe muda setahun) tapi kecik2 lagi dah hensem. Dan mak dia pon sgt baik ngn aku sbb dia tadak anak pompuan, maka aku pon (dgn tak malunya) telah mengisytiharkan diri sbg menantu family itu. Harharhar. Gila childish. Tapi aku comel masa kecik, dan ramai kawan2 mak aku mmbuat spekulasi liar bahawa aku akan jadi seorang bride yang cantik bila besaq. (heee3~)

Pengasuh aku yang geram dgn kecomelan aku telah memekapkan aku tanpa persetujuan dan kerelaan aku. Wuuuu
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SeLamat Hari Mama

Nama mama aku Mashitah bt Ghazali. Dia lahir pada 26 Mei 1962. Dia adalah seorang guru di sekolah apatah tp sama ngn Razin. Perkara yang menarik pasal mama aku ialah.. Mama ada master, tapi last skali dia decide nak jadi seorang guru biasa sahaja bukan lecturer. Mama aku sgt hbat memasak dan sgt hebat mnguruskan masa.

Tak banyak yang aku tau pasal mama aku. Sebab mama aku hanya lah mama aku. She may not be my bestfriend, but she never a stranger to me. Aku leh jer cter suma kat mama, tapi aku yang taknak. Sebab aku adalah anak sulung. Dari kecik lagi aku dilarang merungut dan membantah. Tapi aku sayang mama aku. No matter how much trouble I’ve caused, she’ll be there to fix it. Dan bila aku mula wat perangai choosy aku, dia ikut jer. Kadang2 aku bangun lambat, dia biar aku tido. Kadang dia rely kat aku dan tanya aku kat mana barang2 dia lupa letak kat mana. Kadang2 dia suh aku marahkan adik2ku yang sememangnya suka bagi kepala orang semak.

Bila aku tgk gambaq2 family aku, aku perasan yang gambar aku ngn mama tak banyak pon. Banyak masa kecik ja. Sedih plak rasanya. Lepas ni aku nk tangkap gamba banyak2 ngn mama sebab mama aku ada satu saja. Bila aku pikir macam mana life without her, aku menangis sebab sangat takut. Aku akan lebih cherish mama aku mulai saat ini.


ini gambaq2 msa kecik ngn mama

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Monday, May 4, 2009

AttaCkinG the DaiDokorO

The (baka baka baka) final exam is finally over. Bangi again. Back to heaven. Haha. Nothing much changed in my house, uh.. new water heater, which looked much nicer than the previous one (the late water heater was a free gift from a lucky draw, so it did looked CHEAP).. cheah got a couple of new novels- which unofficially would be my cuti sem’s “revision books”.. and also my adik2 looked slightly bigger than the last time I saw them, when u guys are going to stop growing up ha.. U guys make me looked funny in the family picture.. sitting with bigger siblings. Wuuu

I woke up at7. Startled with Babah’s roaring voice ..in his attempt of waking up my other siblings because they still got school (wahaha. Padan muka korang). But then Cheah hempuk me with bantal, telling at me to iron her uniform because she need to wash up for school. Ceh. But then, as a model sister, I do it without much further saying. Then I combed Ajiq’s hair because Babah started to roar again upon the sight of Ajiq’s messy (and seemingly, unwashed) hair. Haha.. I wonder what kind of parents I will be. Would I experience such memorable hectic mornings? Haha.

Later, mama went up to her bedroom and told me to wake her up at 8. Waaa. Tak leh tido balik la? Huu. The upset me then went to the daidokoro (kitchen), dumbstruck at the sight of that place. It was.. cantik sikit je dari kuari. Messy beyond belief. And of course, being the official ‘bibik’ (or model sister and daughter) of this house, I decide to make the kitchen looked like a kitchen again. And finished up a box of tissues (because I can’t find any kain buruk) and half of the pencuci liquid cuci the whole kitchen, the drawers, the sink, the cutleries, the superbly oily tingkap and bawah dapur gas. GiLO. WO-OwH! (Mr. Alfredo’s voice)

Then I woke mama up at 8 and continued my cleaning job. And (many thanks to me), our daidokoro was sparkling once again. Haha. I think kitchen-cleaning-job IS contagious ne, amal kun? Haha.
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Jes yang Suka Tag org. Haha

Peraturan nak jawab tag ni ialah:

1. Copy badge "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda

2. Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda


beliau ialah jesrina. kawan sekelas ku yang mulia (ktorang kelas 5 Mulia wooo) dan comel. asik gelakkk je. dan nampak nya ada hobi menangkap gambar (diri sendiri)- berdasarkan pemerhatian yang telah dijalankan selama dua tiga kali.haha.

yang aku paling ingat pasal jes ialah ada sekali dia cita dia men golf. aku sgt kagum. (kerana aku tak penah men golf sejak satu kejadian- men lambung2 bola golf kemudian bola tu kena kepala aku. sedap gileee. huhu)

semoga sentiasa berbahagia dgn encik hamon raiez (btui ka aku eja nama dia ni jes? jgn marah klu silap. hee)

3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya (anda di-tag)

  1. tak suka cokelat (tapi kadang2 beli tapi lepas tu msti bagi kat orang)
  2. aku serious pendek tp lepas masuk uitm shah alam aku rasa bahagia (sebab ramai lagi yang pendek juga. haha)
  3. saya suka LION! mereka comel (bila jadi patung la)
  4. kadang2 sangat psycho dan suka kacau org sampai mereka geram (sorry housemate2ku! haha)
  5. suka study last minit dan tak tido semalaman kalau exam
  6. sapa percaya.. aku ni playgirl sebenarnya. haha. aku tak suka break, thus i keep them all! wakaka.
  7. suma org tak percaya aku ni org kedah. asal aku cakap org kedah mesti depa suh aku cakap kedah sbg bukti. kesian aku. wuuu
  8. suka merayap jauh2. baru la betul2 travelling! haha
  9. suka memberi nama2 baru yg kreatif kepada rakan2 yg baik ngn aku. sebagai tanda penghargaan sudi berkawan ngn ku. Arigatou~!
  10. (akhirnya sampai pun 10) dilahirkan d Perak. Membesar d Utara Malaysia. berdarah O. A Leo-14 Ogos. Love Family. Love Frenz. Owatta!

4. Anda perlu memilih 6 penerima award seterusnya dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda

  • Patty (tapi aku tau dia tak rajen. haha)
  • Natata (tapi dia isogashii la.huhu)
  • Tiqah WM (dia baru stat sem baru. aku baru nk coti2 malaysia)
  • Nasihah my sista (minah myspace ni pnah ke bukak blog?haha)
  • Kakya Najlaa Fatin (cekgu kakya! haha)
  • Aimomo Ibrahim
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tag From Jess

1-Apakah nama blog anda sekarang dan kenapa anda memilih nama itu?
Aaaa.. KnowNobby (as any non illiterate person would know).. dan aku rasa aku pilihnya kerana
(a) tiada idea
(b) macam catchy
(c) idealistically nya i want people to know me as .. me
(d)tiada idea (haha)

2-Apakah link blog anda sekarang dan bagaimana boleh timbul idea untuk menamakannya seperti itu?
Link blog sama mcm nama blog arr.. kan sonang idop. hahaha

3- Apakah 'method' penulisan dalam blog anda?
Be free and original i guess.. and never bother on anything

4- Pernah terasa nak hapuskan blog anda? Sebabnya?
Not Yet. I still got a lot more to say and to right.. plus i think i did not do any harm to any living person with my blog. I say what i want, i say what i think. hoho

5- Apakah pendapat anda mengenai blog kepada pemilik blog yang tag anda ini?
Jes Comel. Hehe. Lama Tak jumpa. Jom kuar makan McD! haha

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Final Exam~ StaToooo!

The attention of the non-functional-during-daytime-girl, Nobby
Despite in the examination week..
Was once again
Glued to her laptop

Why Cant She be studying? Isn’t it what she was born for?(what a pathetic life)

Angelobby: Shouldn’t you be studying? You still got Ethnic Relation tomorrow! *smacking Nobby’s head* You even did badly on your Contracts this morning!

Lazynobby: *repairing messy hair* Alaaaa~~ today very hot laaa.. Hungry la. *open choki2* U want?

Angelobby; *throws away the choki2* Study! Benkyo o shimashou!

Lazynobby: *opens another one choki2* tonite still can study meh. *pulls couple of hairstrands* You see? I’m getting bald with all this readings.

Angelobby: *pretends not hearing* your parents coming tonight, still, you taking examination lightly?

Lazynobby: *also pretending not hearing* YAY~~!! Tonight finally got good food! (usually mama will bring along food from home)

Angelobby: *sigh* I give up. *dissolve into thin air*

Lazynobby: *dancing happily* Yayyy~~ Good food~ Good Food~ Goooooddd Foooooddd~~~

Nobby opened her laptop again
Watching a disney movie
That’s how the first day of second year final examination day end

p/s: Deepest apologies to my dear Housemates Intan and Amal—for all my gugur hairs spreading around under my table that caused such nuisance and greatly thank you for the non failure of sweeping them away for us and make our home clean and livable again.
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Natata n The Himitsu Picture

My BFF Natata
Final Got Her

ConGraTz Natchy~!!
Im so Damn HappY For You

N the Pic turned out to be
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DAYat Ku

kaWan saya Nurul Hidayat Abdul Rahman
Dia kawan saya Masa Asasi LAw
Sume org kenal Dia sebab dia Tersangat-Teramat-TerLalu-TerExTra RAJIN

SoNot Giler Masa Asasi
Maybe Sebab Ada DaYat (=

Ari ni Kitorang jumpe
Setelah Cukup Setaun 4 Bulan 5 hari Lost Contact
Waktu aku Dapat tawu die Dapat UKM
Rasa macam Dunia Ku GeLAp Seketika
"Macam Mane Ni?"

Aku Masuk Part 1 dgn fikiran yg kosong
and i Did Survive

DaYat Suke Wana Pink (and she's happy Law Faculty in UKM is PINK)
Dayat suka Menyanyi Karaoke ( Nnt Aku kaya Aku beli KaRaokE Box Bergerak Kat Ko.haha)
DayaT suka TamPaL2 Kertas (Jepp- aku nasihatkan ko bkk kilang kertas lps graduate.)
DAyaT suka ShoPpIng ( aaa.. Aktiviti yg aku PALING tak handal.haha)
DaYat Suka Warna2 ( Jepp- ... atau kilang Warna.haha)

Tak kira La Ape DayaT Suka
Saya Suka Dayat!
Ai Shi Teru~!
Jaga Dri ko Bebaik Keyh!!!!
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Boku no HosMetto

O hishashi buri~~(Long time no see)
This sem im staying outside UiTM, at an apartment with 5 others of my frens from BLS Part 2. They are Yati, Amal, Mimi, Diana and Intan Yana.

To tell you the truth.. we r not exactly bestie (but we r now.haha).. juz know each other briefly. Except Yati n Mimi coz they were from my group in Part 1(Yati was my best-classmate-fren while Mimi is my class rep. Kuikui). Diana were in my Kesatria Platoon (eh? Amal too!*baru sedar*) while Yana n Amal were in my Japanese Language Class (but I barely remember them.haha). N the most laughable fact is – I am the only one who has connection with everbody. Hahaha

Actually the one who invited me to join this house was Pipah (or Pipot-that’s what I called her nowadays, cute eh?hee), But becoz of un’elak’able circumstances, she can’t join us n replace herself with Yati; which was good for me as I already baik with Yati.(the circumstance-that betrayer dapat Kolej plak.. Cis2!!)

But I guess I already comfortable with all this 5 ppl C=
They were Devilish-ly HILLARIOUS!

SITI NOR HAYATI - She’s my roomate. She had the most ‘unfriendly’ face on the earth. But she’s actually funny like hell! Haha. N I called her Baby (she loves SUSU) Her hobbies included suka bagi org terkejut, jalan2 seorang diri, think how to repair the situation (sometimes she came up with pretty weird ideas.haha), tido ( bila bulan mgambang lagi la tak bangun2.hahaha), kacau Mimi, and also ubah kdudukan perabot2 dalam bilik aku ngan dia.haha

AMALINA- She’s an active forum-er in GempakStarz. She LOVES Japan (Me Too! Me Too!). And she’s a very (very very and veryyyy) excellent Qariah. Everyone called her Amal but I called her Malin *nyanyi lagu Malin Kundang to her.haha* She got this evil laugh- “OHOHOHO~!” (evil indeed *angguk2*) which i think was tributed to Misae(of Shin Chan) and Renge (of Ouran) and she is my kawan menyanyi lagu2 Jepun. Haha. Oh. She’s also a (im so proud now that I ever came across into one) Hygiene-Freak. Haha. Everyday she’ll mop the Kitchen, lap jubin2 n sapu sampah satu umah.haha. we r so lucky to have u Amal!*big hugs from everyone*

NORSYAMIMI- She’s my ex-class rep (and currently is –for other class r.haha) She’s a workaholic and helpful-holic. Haha She’ll get mad if we refuse any help from her. I dunno why, but I like to kacau her (something I found common with Yati. Baby! Kita Geng! Haha). She’s super nice person with a lil bit of boyish spices. Not to mention –she likes Sasuke (of Naruto) and Miki Saotome (of Cutie Honey). “Honestly” .hahaha

INTAN NORLIYANA- The best cook (in this house la.haha). She’s from Kuala Nerang so, she cakap Kedah pekat skit than Mimi n I (klu aku katup mata.. bunyi mcm maktok aku yg cakap.hahahah). We called her- MAK (coz she always act and sound like one. Haha) she is also Novel-Freak type A+ (she’ll do nothing when she got a novel)

FARADIANA- She’s the only freehair-ed person in my house. Her favourite quote was “agak la di situ”. Although some ppl always sneers and smirk upon mentioning her name, but she is a very nice person la. Well, she was a bit ‘mistune’ (they called her “Diana Letop”- sora dia kuat dowh- U dun wanna make her scream. Believe me.) but she’s a caring (although sometimes I have to balik sendiri bcoz she got personal activities) and funny (sbb asik blurr memanjang- kdg2 buat lawak pon kna terang kan balik kat dia.Haha- Xspecially on topics of sexuality.. she's 1000 tahun cahaya behind everybody).

By the end of this sem. I will be the master of Cook. Wahahahaha (hopefully)
Nobby Yamashita
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

GoLDen Age PaTtY

saya ada kawan

nama dia kan Fatin Izzati Md Radzi

Dulu masa sekolah kan rambut dia pndek

dan dia disukai ramai (juniors are her specialty)

Dia jugak kapten Hoki

tu la kadang2 dia sakit kaki

kecederaan lama la kot

Dia suka makan sedap2(dan kencing.haha)

Sekarang Dia kat UiTM Shah Alam Kampus Puncak Perdana Hujung Alam Semesta

Dia Pandai tau. Ari tu saya nmapak muka dia kat dinding booth APB. (DL.. Hoho)

Kalau nak pegi jumpa dia

Kena naik T605 tau

Cita2 dia

tatau la. Dulu kata mau jd Chef

Sekarang rasanya dia mau jadi Orang Bergaji Tetap la kot(haha)

Muka dia kan Comel (ha. dah2. aku puji skit pon mau prasan lebih)

Skarang dia dah rebonding dia sudah chantek

Jejaka2 Kachak Malaya marilah mngorat Patty

Macam mana perangai dia?

Kadang2 dia gila

Kadang2 dia Perasan Comel tanpa sebab2 yg Wajar

Kadang2 dia baik hati blanja aku susu stroberi dan makan kat kopitiam

Kadang2 dia lawak

Kadang2 dia gelak kuat2

Kadang2 dia tak sihat dan kena p jmpa pakar sakit puan, otot, urat, dan jiwa (haha)

Kadang2 dia kata aku pervert (mmg pun.haha)

tapi dia la kawan yg patut warga Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore dan Sumatera Jawa

patot kenali dan kagumi

Hari ni dia dah 20 taun (wahahahaha. Tua! Tua!)


lagi 20 tahun

dia masih sahabat ku

I Lap u Patty

Panjang umo. Murah rezeki. Kawen cepat. Suami Kachak. Anak ramai.(haha)

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HaPPy BirthDay Latok RazaK

Today's my dad's Birthday
he's 40 dot dot today (he'll killed me if i announce his true age to strangers. Nooo~~)
But He still have lesser grey hair than other of his collegue (which he kinda proud of)
and someone did sms-ing to him that He looked like budak darjah enam (pergh~ straight bodekology) when he masuk paper two months ago (darjah enam?? He's younger than Ajiq la? hahahaha)

Let me tell something about him
My Dad is the one n only
Abdul Razak Bin Musa
he's the Pengarah Pendakwaan BPR Malaysia
his hobbies are - buat lawak, kacau mak aku, kacau anak2 dia, blanja makan, cabut uban dalam keta, sidai kain atau suh org sidai kain, tengok bola pastu bola tgk dia, berebut paper ngn anak sulung nya yg comel (u know who), and bawak kitorang jalan2 ( dia pegi outstation, kitorang tido dalam bilik hotel. haha)
Not to mention, He's a (super) generous (walaupon kadang2 ssh tol nak mntak duit topup.haha)
He's also (super great) in Court ( and the reason why im taking Law lol)

And on His birthday
I asked for duit umah sewa (padan muka. sapa suh tak apply ptptu ngn Jpa?)
Instead of giving something to him
I asked something from him
Bad Me

Sorry Babah
Despite of your countless support
all i do was to troubled u each time
I'll study hard
n Promised u a great Hari2 Persaraan (haha)

I Love U BabaH
SeMoGa PanJAnG UmuR
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

to Patty

I dunno why
but my YM
Wont let me in
mybe the people in Yahoo! having fun
teasing me by suka suki
tak bagi aku msuk YM
SmoGa Ko CpT BaEK
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SuCky SEm?

I know I shouldn't bad mouthing. saying this in advance ( coz the sem isn't over yet).

But I HATE my class.

No no. Not the subjects. I actually find that this sem's lecturers is waayyyy more interesting n kewl than the previous one. Although this sem is basically a continuation of the previous ones.. but it seems that having senior lecturers - my interest in Law suddenly come back - haha. Its amazing how they can juz keep on talking and recite the cases (from wayyy on the 1920's until the newest ones in 2008's) - without referring to any material. Kakkoi ne..

This year, we gotta choose our own group -- and of course -- many choose to be reunited with their cliques. except for me of course. I kinda not bother abaout who I'll be in class with coz each sem I'll manage to find anew best-classmate-fren or best-roomates

1st sem : Mie- Jeep- Lia- Dayat
2nd sem : Reiko -Dayat- Yana- Nas - Bella - Jie

1st sem: Yati- Bubak- Eli- Kiki- Jaja- Pipah- Hady- Yana
2nd sem: um. None

Well, Though my study mates (which we were kinda 'belangkas-like' during the final exam in Last sem) were in my current class- I was left out. So many times that I though they were doing it on purpose

1. everyone formed a group for CTU. but no one asked me. (one stranger did. haha)
2. No one told me Consti class was cancelled. Yati (who was currently in another class)did. Coz she overheard someone.
3. In one BEL class, no one save me a seat- leaving me sittting at the last ujung dunia-like outcast and dont bother talking to me.
4. I was absent one day bcoz of fever (I only demam truk like twice or once a year, so, if i did, iwould be terribly hot as if im boiling) n the nex day when im asking them about the previous day's classes, they're were like. "Oh? u were absent Nobby?". such sh*t

People do forget about me when they found their friends. It a given For Me.

Such Friends
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