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Friday, March 27, 2009

Boku no HosMetto

O hishashi buri~~(Long time no see)
This sem im staying outside UiTM, at an apartment with 5 others of my frens from BLS Part 2. They are Yati, Amal, Mimi, Diana and Intan Yana.

To tell you the truth.. we r not exactly bestie (but we r now.haha).. juz know each other briefly. Except Yati n Mimi coz they were from my group in Part 1(Yati was my best-classmate-fren while Mimi is my class rep. Kuikui). Diana were in my Kesatria Platoon (eh? Amal too!*baru sedar*) while Yana n Amal were in my Japanese Language Class (but I barely remember them.haha). N the most laughable fact is – I am the only one who has connection with everbody. Hahaha

Actually the one who invited me to join this house was Pipah (or Pipot-that’s what I called her nowadays, cute eh?hee), But becoz of un’elak’able circumstances, she can’t join us n replace herself with Yati; which was good for me as I already baik with Yati.(the circumstance-that betrayer dapat Kolej plak.. Cis2!!)

But I guess I already comfortable with all this 5 ppl C=
They were Devilish-ly HILLARIOUS!

SITI NOR HAYATI - She’s my roomate. She had the most ‘unfriendly’ face on the earth. But she’s actually funny like hell! Haha. N I called her Baby (she loves SUSU) Her hobbies included suka bagi org terkejut, jalan2 seorang diri, think how to repair the situation (sometimes she came up with pretty weird ideas.haha), tido ( bila bulan mgambang lagi la tak bangun2.hahaha), kacau Mimi, and also ubah kdudukan perabot2 dalam bilik aku ngan dia.haha

AMALINA- She’s an active forum-er in GempakStarz. She LOVES Japan (Me Too! Me Too!). And she’s a very (very very and veryyyy) excellent Qariah. Everyone called her Amal but I called her Malin *nyanyi lagu Malin Kundang to her.haha* She got this evil laugh- “OHOHOHO~!” (evil indeed *angguk2*) which i think was tributed to Misae(of Shin Chan) and Renge (of Ouran) and she is my kawan menyanyi lagu2 Jepun. Haha. Oh. She’s also a (im so proud now that I ever came across into one) Hygiene-Freak. Haha. Everyday she’ll mop the Kitchen, lap jubin2 n sapu sampah satu umah.haha. we r so lucky to have u Amal!*big hugs from everyone*

NORSYAMIMI- She’s my ex-class rep (and currently is –for other class r.haha) She’s a workaholic and helpful-holic. Haha She’ll get mad if we refuse any help from her. I dunno why, but I like to kacau her (something I found common with Yati. Baby! Kita Geng! Haha). She’s super nice person with a lil bit of boyish spices. Not to mention –she likes Sasuke (of Naruto) and Miki Saotome (of Cutie Honey). “Honestly” .hahaha

INTAN NORLIYANA- The best cook (in this house la.haha). She’s from Kuala Nerang so, she cakap Kedah pekat skit than Mimi n I (klu aku katup mata.. bunyi mcm maktok aku yg cakap.hahahah). We called her- MAK (coz she always act and sound like one. Haha) she is also Novel-Freak type A+ (she’ll do nothing when she got a novel)

FARADIANA- She’s the only freehair-ed person in my house. Her favourite quote was “agak la di situ”. Although some ppl always sneers and smirk upon mentioning her name, but she is a very nice person la. Well, she was a bit ‘mistune’ (they called her “Diana Letop”- sora dia kuat dowh- U dun wanna make her scream. Believe me.) but she’s a caring (although sometimes I have to balik sendiri bcoz she got personal activities) and funny (sbb asik blurr memanjang- kdg2 buat lawak pon kna terang kan balik kat dia.Haha- Xspecially on topics of sexuality.. she's 1000 tahun cahaya behind everybody).

By the end of this sem. I will be the master of Cook. Wahahahaha (hopefully)
Nobby Yamashita

1 orang cakap..:

Natch said...

ooohh...nama itu...
tidak ku tahan..
nobby yamashita..

jadi apa kah aku??

Nishikido Nachi??(tacky je dgr)
Yuya Nachi (simple la pulak)
Masuda Nachi(dgr pelik gila)
Kato Nachi (lagi pelik)
Koyama Nachi (macam tak masuk)

mana satu aku nak pilih a??
aku suka the 1st 2..
especially ryo-chan punya nama..
-Kusano Nachi-

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