" Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it." -Osho

Thursday, April 15, 2010

11th April 2010

Test, test, test, assignments, presentation, report, assignment, test and presentation, and test test test again.
Okay, I’m almost regretting choosing Law. No wonder there are so many spinsters in legal fields. Huhu. Sometimes, I really wanted to talk (cursing, complaining, grumpying and sighing) to my old besties- Patty, Natchy, and Tiqah and my sis Seyha. Sadly, I do not even the time and credits for that. *doing silent screaming*

Thus, I’m asking Patty for a date ( or actually, a long quest for a new jeans. Heheh) at PAS. It was fun and stress-relieving to sepah2kan jeans and watched the promoters have to arrange them accordingly again and again. Haha. And I even got a great news today. I’m ENGAGED. Hahahaha. To the perfect-est person to be engaged to. Hope we’ll be together forever. Thanks you for patiently help me searching “The Jeans”, Fianceĕ~ Lots of love to you !
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Monday, March 8, 2010

The day of the FIRSTS

Its 28th feb of 2010. Ada Apa? Got Law Faculty’s No Wine n Cheese partayyy~

Haha. This is my first time attending this party- although since the Asasi, there’s already about TWO No Wine and Cheese Party. Hehe (sorry for not being a dutiful law faculty student~) the theme is RoCKSTAR. N I’m one of the person who successfully not following the duty (again.hehe)- but I did dressed up a bit (muka bangga tanpa sebab).but I still hate selendang, almost berputus asa after 15 mins trying, but I succeed anyway. (kemunculan muka bangga tanpa sebab sekali lagi)

Basically, this is how I looked like when Im not irititate wif my tudung

The event was superb. The stage, the dim-lit hall (DSB= tiba2 jd Zouk), the ballons, the freebies in the Goody bags (I never knew that there was actually glow-in-the-dark Lollipops! N guitar-shaped Bubbles. Cute Gler Dowhh!) Nunui performed~ and this is the first time I’m standing in front of the stages, jumping and yelling at the front row, singing along (tremendously out of pitch), getting wild with the crowd. Amal, also having her first time ( but im not referring to the yelling2, but the first time seeing such ‘kegilaan’), stayed at the second row. Yana busied herself capturing the moment- and the ‘law students turn mad’ scenes, whereby when we watched back the video, nothing but only screams can be heard. Haha. Ajim, having the most canggih hp with better megapixels, also doing the same (and later become unofficial Nunui’s photographer. Hehe). After all the screaming, my stomach plak yg screaming. Lapaq ooo~ Oh! Oh! We also got this glow-in-the-dark bracelet where u have to (kepak2)like loosen it, then it’ll glows. Nice! (Saluted LAWSOC)

Wif the Superstar~ Nunui

The Rockstars. Haha

Then the after partay. We (Amal, Ajim, Yana, Su Bambang, and me only- Nunui not following since the photography sessions still not finished) went to the KFC, planning to have picnic at I-City. It’s my first time coming to I-City. The scene was (spell with me people!) M.E.S.M.E.R.I.Z.I.N.G. I think they should change it to LIGHT-CITY. Haha. Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! We ( finally) have (real) dinner. A cat joined us, and cannot seem to stop harassing Yana. haha

The Kawaii AjimBo

The perpetrator

Then it happens. Another first time. Amal lost her wallet then we were having our first time journey to Kelang at this hour. Luckily, thanks to both Fendi and the Pakcik who found her wallet, we finally retrieved Amal’s wallet succesfully. Alhamdullillah. Although suar aku dan Amal dihidrasi ngn 100 plus (haha), (another first time ie mandi 100 plus) nasib baik dapat balik wallet tu.

We reached home at 12.45am, Ajim and Su bambang waved us goodbye, continuing their first time journey of going back home at this hour. Haha. It’s first time for everybody.

Our Glowing Friendships

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UiTM Di HatiKu


Considerable amount of exercises—plenty of bukit-bukit and tangga-tangga and peperangan masuk bas

Fashion reference— what is new, up to date and ‘in’. And also the ‘don’t and never ever ever wear’ haha

Cool gadgets ie mini pc fair— numerous kinds of MP3s, MP4s, Laptop s and handphones. Each time you see one in TV, Mags, and Posters, you’ll find that someone in uitm sa already using it in Rapid. Haha.
( sometimes I kinda pelik n hairan how a student can afford Blackberry.huhu. Jealousy~ Turning saints into the sea~ lalala~ *singing )

Eye candies— yeah, lots and lotsss. But sadly none in my fac. If any, Im not interested. haha (daymnn)

Do magic—have no money but still can go lepaking at kedai makan mahal and movies

Fancy cars— Im currently on a self-assignment/ project to collect pictures of queer+ over modified cars and motor vehicles in SA ( only in SA)-will be featured in my next blog


Multi Racial Learning Institution:
Totally tipu (biggest myth EVER!). anyone who hv seen Papadom~ I hereby declared that such existance of a “Yvonne” in UiTM is NOT true. A Yvonne from Sabah n Sarawak maybe, but a Yvonne from Penang? Hahahahahahaha

The Outspoken/Political Minded Student:
Highly doubted, we actually prefer fighting for foods, freebies, Rapid KL seats and PARKING in uitm, and also the only outspoken disagreements ever heard were mostly on Pak Guards’ love letters. (People of Law Faculty!Let’s make a petition on Karim!)

UiTM is Filled With aura of Pure Malay (Ketuanan Melayu):
This is indeed a failed doctrine. Suddenly the malay students can wear hot pants, leggings, spagetti straps, mini mini mini skirts.. I’m in London already people! Haha.

Shah Alam is A VERY Happening City!
This one is VERY SALAH~ the things surplus here are asap2 keta, traffic jams, restaurants, fashion victims (and leprosy patients. Amal knew what I meant. Ask her). Wayang pon tadak. Ish ish ish~

Anyway~ I still in LOVE with Shah Alam. I discovered a lot here. And still learning. Loving the people I’ve met here. Loving the friends I’ve met here. UiTM’s Law Faculty Forever!! ^^
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Lama Tak Post Something~~

I discovered series of unfortunate events on my CNY holiday~

1. There are people who think they know me better than me. Hey, it takes me 20 years and 7 months to become (the current) me. And there are even times I don’t even understand myself (with exclamation points)
[Mr. M who starting to annoy me due to his constant lecture about the need for me to get thin~ for my confident la , my future PR la, my future job la~ blah3]

2. The existence of matchstick girls who can gobble up 3 plates of nasi goreng plus fries plus 2 milkshakes and get away with it (but somehow when the big-big-biggg me doing it, people send me the what-an-unappealing-girl look)
[kenduri at Pahang, in front of a very skinny girl who was having her second plate]

3. Having all the (HUGE) study/work table for myself but can’t seem to breakaway from the same paragraph. Why aren’t these words dissolve into my brain? “Why baby why~~??”
[studying Admin of Trusts]

4. Reading the inherited/photocopied notes (from seniors) and some (SUPER IMPORTANT) lines were blackened. For God’s sake O my dear seniors, why can’t u all used more translucent colour to highlight anything?? Waaa
[studying Land Law II]

5. When people yell at me but I can’t yell back at them due to lack of authority/discretionary powers to do so or fear that it will lead to repetition of JPJ tests and loss of RM250 worth of dignity. Like amal said~ Drop my water face la! (if I hv to repeat again.huhu)
[JPJ Test bahagian Jln raya]

.... But, Fortunates Events DO come along~

1. Finally I can stop casting as Cyclops of X-Men (mata dah baik~ yayyy)
2. I got new SWATCH glasses (oyeh~!)
3. Despite of born as dic*head and meanie JPJ, he (Mr. WM) has PASSED me! I GOT LICENSE NOW PEOPLE! *performing a raindance due to overwhelming happiness*
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My List of Happiness

My List Happy-ness

Happiness =

Holiday , preferable seas or highlands

Sungai Petani

Hanging out with favorite people

Good food, or discovering a new restaurant

New clothes and shoes

Giving anyone I love presents

Bluetooth-ing favorite song from a friend

Getting good exam result

Going to movies

Studying law

Cool drinks on very hot days

Reading any of Motomi Kyousuke’s

Amirul, Babah n Mama n Seyha n Abang n Ajiq, All of my super-great cousins, Patty, Natchy, Yamapi (hehe), Reiko, ChibiYana-chan, Amal n Nunui n Ajimbo, Yana, Dayat, Mr. Megat, All (Jan-April 2010) part 4 Uitm Faculty of Law student n lecturers, my Purin n Lyon

Sleeping all day long

Merayap seorang diri

Deto ngan patty

Pegi kenduri

Lose weight or someone tell me I looked thinner. Ehee

Bergosip ngn Cheah

Finished a whole game (PS. NDS. GBA)
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Should we change ourselves for other people? Penting ke diorang tu? What are we living all of our life for?
Days that we been living in, the things we discovered about ourselves, things we like or we don’t liked. Things we had faking to like because other people would disapprove of us if we don’t.
Didn’t those things matter? Didn’t you love you?

If we took into consideration of others feelings before acting out as ourselves.. Would they take into consideration of ours too?
Why they can act out who they were, saying “I don’t like this”, “I don’t like that”, “You are hurting my feelings by doing that”, “Don’t do this again” blah blah.
What. Who are you to say that? Semua makhluk sama sahaja disisi-Nya.
If you want me to change, then make me like you.
Make me like who you are, gain my respect and affection, then I’ll respect you enough to change myself for you (even if I don’t, at least I won’t do anything I knew you didn’t like in front of you).

I don’t want to change because you told me to.
I liked me
Then I want you to like me the way I am
But if you can’t, I understand
But still, I can’t sell my soul to you
My soul is mine

Dedicated to persons (including myself) who are slowly killing themselves by constantly changing their true-self for the sake of pleasing others.
Do you agree with me, world? If you do, tell me. Or if you don’t, tell me also
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