" Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it." -Osho

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lama Tak Post Something~~

I discovered series of unfortunate events on my CNY holiday~

1. There are people who think they know me better than me. Hey, it takes me 20 years and 7 months to become (the current) me. And there are even times I don’t even understand myself (with exclamation points)
[Mr. M who starting to annoy me due to his constant lecture about the need for me to get thin~ for my confident la , my future PR la, my future job la~ blah3]

2. The existence of matchstick girls who can gobble up 3 plates of nasi goreng plus fries plus 2 milkshakes and get away with it (but somehow when the big-big-biggg me doing it, people send me the what-an-unappealing-girl look)
[kenduri at Pahang, in front of a very skinny girl who was having her second plate]

3. Having all the (HUGE) study/work table for myself but can’t seem to breakaway from the same paragraph. Why aren’t these words dissolve into my brain? “Why baby why~~??”
[studying Admin of Trusts]

4. Reading the inherited/photocopied notes (from seniors) and some (SUPER IMPORTANT) lines were blackened. For God’s sake O my dear seniors, why can’t u all used more translucent colour to highlight anything?? Waaa
[studying Land Law II]

5. When people yell at me but I can’t yell back at them due to lack of authority/discretionary powers to do so or fear that it will lead to repetition of JPJ tests and loss of RM250 worth of dignity. Like amal said~ Drop my water face la! (if I hv to repeat again.huhu)
[JPJ Test bahagian Jln raya]

.... But, Fortunates Events DO come along~

1. Finally I can stop casting as Cyclops of X-Men (mata dah baik~ yayyy)
2. I got new SWATCH glasses (oyeh~!)
3. Despite of born as dic*head and meanie JPJ, he (Mr. WM) has PASSED me! I GOT LICENSE NOW PEOPLE! *performing a raindance due to overwhelming happiness*

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