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Thursday, April 15, 2010

11th April 2010

Test, test, test, assignments, presentation, report, assignment, test and presentation, and test test test again.
Okay, I’m almost regretting choosing Law. No wonder there are so many spinsters in legal fields. Huhu. Sometimes, I really wanted to talk (cursing, complaining, grumpying and sighing) to my old besties- Patty, Natchy, and Tiqah and my sis Seyha. Sadly, I do not even the time and credits for that. *doing silent screaming*

Thus, I’m asking Patty for a date ( or actually, a long quest for a new jeans. Heheh) at PAS. It was fun and stress-relieving to sepah2kan jeans and watched the promoters have to arrange them accordingly again and again. Haha. And I even got a great news today. I’m ENGAGED. Hahahaha. To the perfect-est person to be engaged to. Hope we’ll be together forever. Thanks you for patiently help me searching “The Jeans”, Fianceĕ~ Lots of love to you !

2 orang cakap..:

~atiQyUdin~ said...

it sokeh
am reading yor complainin n silent screams just now~


faheypairan said...

salam...bila nk update niiii miss lawyerrrr...?
ada YM tak?


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