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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


YAY PANDA!! (^ 3^)//

After three long semesters, numerous meetings and weight gained due to constant visit to Pak Li, all the picking up letters and sending some invitation cards, bannner hanging-sessions, a sleepless night finishing the flags, OUR BUNKASAI IS FINALLY HERE~!!

Although the Officiatting was kinda chaotic- The sudden emergence of the DEAN, the flow was a bit shaken at first since everyone was not ready yet, the non-arrival of the food, and everyone seems to toss me around since I did not get the walkie-talkie (haha. Don't blame aaa Im not good at 'berebut' things~), and also the sales-person-like session to attract people to join in (Wow, I never knew I can Babbling
that MUCH at microphone, Hiru san!)

Anyway, Bunkasai wa Saikou Datta!

I ran around with camera at hand, since I know The Ketatos would be too busy to capture anything. Oh, Mr Fazli Zainal also present at that day as a special judge for Minna Chumoku! (Singing Competition) and YES, most of us don't even know who is he- being too japanised and all. haha and NO Asuad.. it's Fazli, NOT Faizal.

On the Second Half of Bunkasai where the flow was kinda smoothen up and controllable, my walkie talkie had gone to Amal( since she had finished with Kanji Shoudo) and I tried my best to stay at the same spot, in case the Ketatos needed me.And changed into Mai-san no Yukata with Amal and Aziah sensei's help. Arigatou Minna-sama!!

Many many Thanks I would like to give to these persons:
1. JCC no GENG KETAT ( aku sayang korang sampai MATI!!)

2. Our team mates- all the Programme and Protocol, Facility, Techical, Food, TTK, Photograph Booth and others.. takkan siap Bunkasai ni tanpa korang!

3. The Honourable Guests who come and help us- Sato-san! OShima Restaurant, Rose Riverie, Reiko, Shiroineko-sama XDDDD, Karate Club, Kendama Club, and all Sensei who were present

4. Friends who come and enjoyed our Bunkasai: Elie, Sue, Miji, Azry, Wani and Fareez Syah, Ieqa Noriko, Afiq Hermoso

2 orang cakap..:

aJimBo said...

oh nobby. setelah sekian lama.

nObby said...

haha.. aku pemalas.. maaf.. haha

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