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Monday, August 17, 2009

Tributed to Sinah and Patty- The " HA? " Conversation

Last Thurs, me PAtty n SinOt went to PTAR 1 together, well technically not exactly 'Went Together' , we just agreed to met there. Haha. And I, someone who already been in UiTM Shah Alam for 2 years, finally came upon UiTM's Library System- OPEC (who bothers what does it stands for. It itself already sounds troublesome. Haha) Patty and SinOt found their books without any sweat at all ( not that I am, mind you). PTAR to me is the place to find cases manually, AFTER failing in attempts at Lexis Nexis. Haha. I can't study there, too many people I knew would be there, and thus, instead of indulging myself with studying, it will then become kempen-like where you-keep-greeting-people-yet- no-real-conversation-took-place. Things Learnt=ZERO. Pfftht.

Anyway. back to the real concren. Something Related to the title above. Later, we went to Cafe Menara to grab some lunch. Another thing learnt. Bandung Cendol. haha. Basically it is Bandung with things-(agar2?)-like-cendol. Hek eleh. Kata aku minum ayaq pelik2. Hang pon minum pa. Haha

Then Someone Called Patty. It Was kinda noisy there, being in Cafe and all. But still the only thing patty spoke was "ha?". DIFFERENT KINDS of "Ha?" s. haha.

Patty : Hello? kat Menara ni.
Jane D: lalala~ (who knows what he/she talking)
Patty : HA? (the kind of - What? I can't hear you)
Jane D: nanana~ (again. Who knows? haha)
Patty : Haa~ ha. (the kind of- Ohh. I got it)
Jane D: tatata~ (can't possibly know)
Patty : Ha??! ( the kind of- What? You Can't be right!)
Jane D: dadada~~
Patty : Haaa.. *drinking her air bandung* (the kind of- Okay. Go On.)
jane D : yayaya~~(I have noooo idea)
Patty : Ha?! ( again the kind of- What?! Really!)
Jane D : cha cha cha~~ ( maybe farewell?or something about Nobby is Cute. haha)
Patty : Ha. Ha. Ha. *nodding* (the kind of- Okay3. I'll do it) *hangs up*

hahaha. Is that A conversation Sinot? I dunno, but jom pi minum bandung cendol lagi! haha

2 orang cakap..:

noidentity said...

hoi. ape tulis pasal conversation aku dan mak aku? haa..report kat mak aku. wahahahaha.

besides, OPAC la bukan OPEC. huhu. nanti aku ajar ko cm na nak pakai.

btw. aku di ptar 1. tgu ko. dan aku tertinggal henpon aku dlm keta aimi (sniri xpasti betul ke x ada kat keta aimi). cis2.skrg aku xtau bgaimana nak jumpa ko. hahaha.

*berdoa supaya henponnya xhilang*

seena said...

ha ah, hng tinggai henpon..td nana call aku..nobby, bla lg nk minum ayaq bandung cendoi???

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