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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Date Wif Daddy

After much hectic-ness on Friday, which led to my absence at the japanese Class. huhu. I finally came home to Bangi. Hoye!

To my dismay. the Hectic-ness does not end..

i woke up at exactly 7 O'Clock.. (of coz after series of mama's yell) n prepared Ajiq for his Zoo trip.at 8 am, babah sent him to his skool.. while I babai my mama n Razin to their school's Hari Kokurikulum.Cheah was in her usual kelam kabut mood because she had tuition at 9 am. (IS THIS REALLY A WEEKEND??)

Then.. at 8.50am.. after hantar cheah to her tuition.. Babah n me bertolak to KL.. N it was F**king Packed. We went to Minerva n buy:

Penal Code
National Land Code
Sales of Goods Act
Mary George, Equity and Trust
Teo K.S and Koo L.T, cases n commentary
Wu Min Aun, Commercial Law
Hire Purchase Act
Specific Relief Act
i wanna buy M.P Jain, Administrative Law in Malaysia... but I already inherited it from Acuwa n Paksu. so. Save satu buku. haha
and several books that catches my eye

and all if them .. costed almost RM400 (sh*t mahal!!)
n then we went to the zoo to cari Ajiq n look how's he doing wif his school trip. (another f*cking traffic jam) and Babah suprisingly talked a lot.. most of them were about his experience as Law student in UM. haha. Because most of the author of my Law textbooks were his Lecturers! haha. He got to meet all of them in real life while I only saw their name in the Cover jer. How lucky. (well, most of them already gone anyway. haha)

Ok. Zoo Negara. Woah! I never remember it to be this big? haha. Punya la ramai family datang.. Parents with many many kids.. I dunno what makes the Zoo, zoo. Bising haiwan2 kah.. atau bising budak2 ni nanges. hahaha. Babah cakap " babah pon bawak anak jugak! tp anak babah ni umo dia dah 20 taun je la. hahaha". Yeah. thanks babah for reminding me of that. (sebab aku dah already terkinja2. "bah! gajah! bah! Zirafah! bah! bah! badak bah! besaq nya!")
then bcause he already malas to berjalan2 tgk haiwan and the only motive we are here is not that, thus, he started queueing at the Tram station (alaaaa~~) n I have to pay for it bcause he has no duit kecik. huhu.

n there we go.. around in the zoo wif tram. (i wanna see Lion but babah tamau trun. waa) n luckily ( sebab aku nak tgk animal Show) and we meet Ajiq. Haha. The sealion was magnificent! (i have never been to any animal shows b4. huhu) How come I cannot go for my school trip when Im still schooling?? Not fair!! My adik2 always get better treatment than me. huhu

Never mind. Then after that we went home because babah dah mngantuk n Im also penat. semalam dah la tak cukup tido n tak cukup makan. Balik2 km dua tido macam gila kat tgh2 umah. bangun2 aku sedar aku kat bawah meja living room. hahaha. macam binatang pliharaan plak.

Nway. spanjang hari ni aku tau byk bnda pasal babah. Including final masa 1st year dia eksiden dan cdra parah dan jawab paper pakai suar pndek(lutut berbalut dua2 belah) dan mata balut sblah macam lanun(kena jahit tujuh jarum). haha. But he still pass. (dia pandai. memang arrr)n he slalu ponteng lecture (bad example. haha)

BTw, it was tanoshikatta desu!!
Mybe i shud date wif babah more often. haha

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~atiQyUdin~ said...

zoO da dekat siOt ngn ak awat x mai jmput?ak pn nk jmpak badak jgk wawawa hari2 tgk bas kuar masuk ak jgk y x kuar2...

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