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Sunday, February 1, 2009

HaPPy BirthDay Latok RazaK

Today's my dad's Birthday
he's 40 dot dot today (he'll killed me if i announce his true age to strangers. Nooo~~)
But He still have lesser grey hair than other of his collegue (which he kinda proud of)
and someone did sms-ing to him that He looked like budak darjah enam (pergh~ straight bodekology) when he masuk paper two months ago (darjah enam?? He's younger than Ajiq la? hahahaha)

Let me tell something about him
My Dad is the one n only
Abdul Razak Bin Musa
he's the Pengarah Pendakwaan BPR Malaysia
his hobbies are - buat lawak, kacau mak aku, kacau anak2 dia, blanja makan, cabut uban dalam keta, sidai kain atau suh org sidai kain, tengok bola pastu bola tgk dia, berebut paper ngn anak sulung nya yg comel (u know who), and bawak kitorang jalan2 ( dia pegi outstation, kitorang tido dalam bilik hotel. haha)
Not to mention, He's a (super) generous (walaupon kadang2 ssh tol nak mntak duit topup.haha)
He's also (super great) in Court ( and the reason why im taking Law lol)

And on His birthday
I asked for duit umah sewa (padan muka. sapa suh tak apply ptptu ngn Jpa?)
Instead of giving something to him
I asked something from him
Bad Me

Sorry Babah
Despite of your countless support
all i do was to troubled u each time
I'll study hard
n Promised u a great Hari2 Persaraan (haha)

I Love U BabaH
SeMoGa PanJAnG UmuR

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