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Monday, May 4, 2009

AttaCkinG the DaiDokorO

The (baka baka baka) final exam is finally over. Bangi again. Back to heaven. Haha. Nothing much changed in my house, uh.. new water heater, which looked much nicer than the previous one (the late water heater was a free gift from a lucky draw, so it did looked CHEAP).. cheah got a couple of new novels- which unofficially would be my cuti sem’s “revision books”.. and also my adik2 looked slightly bigger than the last time I saw them, when u guys are going to stop growing up ha.. U guys make me looked funny in the family picture.. sitting with bigger siblings. Wuuu

I woke up at7. Startled with Babah’s roaring voice ..in his attempt of waking up my other siblings because they still got school (wahaha. Padan muka korang). But then Cheah hempuk me with bantal, telling at me to iron her uniform because she need to wash up for school. Ceh. But then, as a model sister, I do it without much further saying. Then I combed Ajiq’s hair because Babah started to roar again upon the sight of Ajiq’s messy (and seemingly, unwashed) hair. Haha.. I wonder what kind of parents I will be. Would I experience such memorable hectic mornings? Haha.

Later, mama went up to her bedroom and told me to wake her up at 8. Waaa. Tak leh tido balik la? Huu. The upset me then went to the daidokoro (kitchen), dumbstruck at the sight of that place. It was.. cantik sikit je dari kuari. Messy beyond belief. And of course, being the official ‘bibik’ (or model sister and daughter) of this house, I decide to make the kitchen looked like a kitchen again. And finished up a box of tissues (because I can’t find any kain buruk) and half of the pencuci liquid cuci the whole kitchen, the drawers, the sink, the cutleries, the superbly oily tingkap and bawah dapur gas. GiLO. WO-OwH! (Mr. Alfredo’s voice)

Then I woke mama up at 8 and continued my cleaning job. And (many thanks to me), our daidokoro was sparkling once again. Haha. I think kitchen-cleaning-job IS contagious ne, amal kun? Haha.

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amal X icchan said...

yappari, kitchen-cleaning is contagious..aha

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