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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SuCky SEm?

I know I shouldn't bad mouthing. saying this in advance ( coz the sem isn't over yet).

But I HATE my class.

No no. Not the subjects. I actually find that this sem's lecturers is waayyyy more interesting n kewl than the previous one. Although this sem is basically a continuation of the previous ones.. but it seems that having senior lecturers - my interest in Law suddenly come back - haha. Its amazing how they can juz keep on talking and recite the cases (from wayyy on the 1920's until the newest ones in 2008's) - without referring to any material. Kakkoi ne..

This year, we gotta choose our own group -- and of course -- many choose to be reunited with their cliques. except for me of course. I kinda not bother abaout who I'll be in class with coz each sem I'll manage to find anew best-classmate-fren or best-roomates

1st sem : Mie- Jeep- Lia- Dayat
2nd sem : Reiko -Dayat- Yana- Nas - Bella - Jie

1st sem: Yati- Bubak- Eli- Kiki- Jaja- Pipah- Hady- Yana
2nd sem: um. None

Well, Though my study mates (which we were kinda 'belangkas-like' during the final exam in Last sem) were in my current class- I was left out. So many times that I though they were doing it on purpose

1. everyone formed a group for CTU. but no one asked me. (one stranger did. haha)
2. No one told me Consti class was cancelled. Yati (who was currently in another class)did. Coz she overheard someone.
3. In one BEL class, no one save me a seat- leaving me sittting at the last ujung dunia-like outcast and dont bother talking to me.
4. I was absent one day bcoz of fever (I only demam truk like twice or once a year, so, if i did, iwould be terribly hot as if im boiling) n the nex day when im asking them about the previous day's classes, they're were like. "Oh? u were absent Nobby?". such sh*t

People do forget about me when they found their friends. It a given For Me.

Such Friends

2 orang cakap..:

Natch said...

owhh..what nice friends you have...

its ok la..
we are kinda the same..
its not that you cant live without friends..
ala...go mingle mingle around la..
have more gangs...
eventhough they dont really want you to be there, but if you are with them always, they will grow to be attached to you...
dont just have 1 gang..thats lonely..
have alot of them..
then if one group dont really want you..you could just ho to other group what...


i did this since im 10..

~atiQyUdin~ said...

stay kewl heh..
we're in de same kasut haha
ala mcm x besa plak
lexs a

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