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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Berjalan2 + Finals +House Cleaning = The End of Sem 3 Of BLS

Makk Aiii~~
(baru sedar lama tak bukak blog)
gila lama.. but given the circumstances, I guess I can't help it..
Apa yang aku ingat spanjang ujung2 sem ni.. Hmm..

One fortunate Thursday, I finally have the time to go out with Patty- we go hv Lunch at PAS, then walk around the Tasik while eating Cotton Candy (no fatin, i still tink we call it cotton candy, not floss candy) got a few pics of kame-san, then she brought me to the aquarium. Well, not good for me- I hate big Fishes.huhu - But it's kinda weird not knowing there was such place when in fact, I already been at S. Alam for almost two years. Haha. Thanks Patty!
-next tyme i'll buy u the Frozen Worms (Cacing Beku) for souvenirs. haha

Oh!! Despite in the Final Examination Week, I made some time to go out- Wif a really charming guy- he's tall, funny, cute (got lesung pipit!), stylo (well, i dunno if wearing a hampir-terlondeh-jeans is stylo.. haha), he's a good dancer and singer- but he's really, totally different wif me.. I kinda anxious that he'll be annoyed wif me and then leave me in the middle of nowhere in KL.. So I behaved. haha. We watched 2012, we went for bowling etc etc.. Ok Ok natchy, patty, amal, yana and all persons I've told them about him- he IS BAD NEWS.
He is definitely not good for health-both mental and physical~ haha. But he's nice. If he did ask me out again~ I'll Definitely say yes. ( Sorry Amirul. huhu )

Well.. the Finals~~Huhu (already cried in dismay)

Land - Okay. But still worrying
Admin - this paper made me feel stupid. I'm defeated. huhu
Criminal - Who the heck buat the question?? Curse You!!
Equity n Trust - Ada satu soklan aku jawab sekerat n tulis "sorry sir. I totally forgot" haha
SOGA n HPA - Okay laa.. Thanks Yana bg aku nama case last minute. ehee

Ha! n we housemates did buat a small makan2 session- with pizzas lebih RM100~ Gilo! (Not so small la kot) haha
N massive house cleaning afterwards. Macam nak raya plak. Our House, once again, SQUEAKY CLEAN~ PEOPLE! haha. amal la yg paling semangat. Habis setiap milimeter dapur dia berus. haha.

It was FUN, this semester. Hope i'll be panjang umur enuf to experience the next one. INSYAALLAH! *Peace*

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amal X icchan said...

heyyy!!! that's my standard ok!
dont belittle it..

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