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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Currently asked Question (to me)

The only reason why I watched K-Drama ONLY during 1 a.m and above?
I am a VERY VERY big sucker for sad love story. The moments the actor/actress shed one or two tears , i’ll have a totally runny nose n wet cheeks. N wet n totally penyet pillow which i’ll always hugged every time i’m having a midnight movie.

And of course. Who wants to be seen in the state of puffy eyes? Haha

The only reason why I liked Lions and keep on buying Lions thingy? (not something like Lions’ skins n all. That is Pure Evil!)
They are Cute. Hahaha. I know.. no one give a damn on lion merchandises, but since i’ve bought a cute lion pencilbox, people started to notice them n texted me whenever they found one. Haha. Really hope to find a humongous lion plushie one day. Nyaaa~~

(and unfortunately I had once left him at the APB booth and Patty had done a good job REMINDING me of that accident- nota kaki to Patty: I totally OBJECTED to the baboon name. Why in the world a lion would be name baboon?? Is your jaw pain induces your weirdness? Hahaha)

The reason why I hate Pink?
When I moved to Bangi.. the house was actually hadn’t been fully renovated yet. I was, of course, at shah alam undergoing my classes. Then when i finally headed home, I discovered that my bedroom's wall (which I am sharing with my sister Cheah- who, unfortunately, is the one who picked the colour) is PINK from top to bottom, right to left. And that incident also adding up the reason why I'm gonna hate Cheah every morning when I woke up and looked at the PINK wall.

Anyway. I know I'm a weird person (and keep getting weirder everyday).. so if any of you had any question for me.. feel free to ask. As long it's not (a)something about my weight, (b) something about my height and (c) something about my hobby of eating tomatoes. Why? Because they are all something I CANNOT explain. Thank you. *professional face*

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