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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jadual nex sem

pasal pack sgt???

LAW 501(LAnd Law): 2.10-4.00

LAW 505 (Criminal Law): 8.30-10.20
LAW 442(sales n Hire purchase): 10.20- 12.20
LAW 505 (Land Law): 2.10-4.10

LAW 442 (sales n Hire Purchase): 2.10-4.10
LAW 501 (Equity n Trust): 4.10- 6.00

LAW 506 (Admin Law): 8.30- 10.20
LAW442 :10.30-12.20
BEL492 (presentation skills): 2-4
LAW 501 (Equity n Trust): 4-6

LAW506 (admin Law):8.30- 10.30
LAW504 (Land Law): 10.30- 12.20
Japanese Language:3-5

aku paling tak setuju japanese pnya klas
aku nk balik bangi

1 orang cakap..:

noidentity said...

begini pun pack kah? seperti jadual zaman tesl aku dulu. hahaha

aku sudah salin jadual ko

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