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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here goes nothing..

On the 17th of November 2008, while watching Katy Perry's vc ( not evn finished loading yet) with my adek Lajen, laptop's screen suddenly bleeping. The icons on the desktop keep on missing (as if it was constantly refreshed) like chipsmore- kjap ade.. kjap takde..!- wuaaaahh

Luckily my fren Hady Mirza (haha) taught me how to use Task Manager -Im a bit slow in this kind of thing- N I can still YM with patty. Thanks to Uncle blakang umah (for his wireless yg laju. Dan free.haha) i feel my cuti sem tdk dbazirkan.haha

N now, my sim card plak starting to mess wit me.

*suddenly the room became dark*

Baka laptop. Baka Sim Card. Baka this House.

N on this 28th my mum will send all of us (me, Cheah, Lajen, n Ajiq) to a stupid camp- where i"ll be a facilitator (WTH. I've never been to a camp in my whole life n now I've to b a facy?? Waaa) . N it's sumwhere in Rural Area of Perak. the area where even the Org2 Kuning of DIGI would never step in. Imagine the size of nyamuk2, the size of pacat2, the size of ular2 n ulat bulu. Oh Dammit. (bulu roma naik).
*bawak kuar pasport* mybe I shud go sumwhere at hawaii n enjoy this cuti Sem.wahaha

But still. I Hate Cuti.

1 orang cakap..:

noidentity said...

camping itu best laa..

jadi facy juga best..boleh membuli..

but still..

gd luck to u!

gambatte noby-san!

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