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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh Happy Days~ La La La

Today is my Mum n Dad's anniversary!! Congratz Mama! Congratz Babah! Well actually, I wasn't aware of that fact until my mum went to fetch my adek2 from their tuition and suddenly my aunt- acuwa, called me n asking

Acuwa : Bella, ari ni ada apa2 ke? Tanya mama sat.
Me : Mama takdak la Acuwa. P amik bdk2 balik tusyen. Ada apa?
Acuwa : Ya ka.. Ari ni besday sapa2 ka?
Me : (thought for a while). Hm. Takdak2. Tapi anniversary mama ngn babah la bulan ni.
Acuwa : ohh.. Brapa haribulan?
Me : 26 hb
Acuwa : La.. Dey tangechi, hari ni 26hb la!!
Me : 0_O (interval) OH!! OH!! hahahaha
Acuwa : (laughing) k lah. Nanti mama balik habaq kata acuwa tepon keh?
Me : (thumb up) Beressss.

N so.. that's how i figure out that TODAY is their anniversary day. N now that I've mention it.. (suspicious face) they looked preeettyyy extra lovey dovey today. haha. Bila babah tgh kacau mama kat dapor when he came home from lunch td, I pretend not seeing and hearing anything (but i do smile cynically at them- and they play innocent face with me.hahaha)

Today mama masak Dalca, n ajak most of her siblings datang umah. Maybe mama nak buat makan2 skit. (err.. But she IS SLEEPING soundly on the sofa at the living room rite now.. *puzzled*)I do hope ramai kazen ku yg datang.. It' been a while since we've gathered.. N updated each other's story story. haha.

Mama n babah suka wat makan2.. n suka g family day.. n suka mrayap ke umah makcik pakcik ku (their siblings la) on weekends. Sometimes they gado2 (n we were left starved.waaa), sometimes they lovey dovey (cubit2, geletek2, tampar2, smackdown2-hahaha), n sometimes they join forces n pissed us off (xspecially when we were asking for something mahal n tak berfaedah. huhu). But we still love them anyway (La La La~~)

That's my parents. Though I knew not how they've met (they were the very the kedekut with infos on that particular issue or anything leading to it. Ceh), but I'm pretty sure they are one of the greatest lovebirds in human history.. today, 21 years before n hopefully days to come.


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