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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Within the Invisible Line

As long as i remembered, I always listened to my parents( i mean, try to.. hehe). No nabeela, you can't go to the KRS camp. No nabeela, you cannot go to Malacca field trip. No nabeela, you cannot go to that birthday party. No nabeela, you cannot watch tv during exam week. NO NO NO!

lantas menari lagu awan nano.

Parents always have this "Invisible Line" they wish to confine us in forever. To them, we will always be the 6 years old child who wet the bed, or come home from playing outside with bleeding knees. Ahem. Non such connection to me, however. (hehe)

(n yes, fortunately episod kemuncak elly dan epit which displayed Johan RL2's tutorial on singing Awan Nano had every thing to do with this. tak caya? pi tengok! )

..and thus, they created this "Invisible Lines" where you cannot step out from it. In other words, the general rule, without exception is...

You cannot DO ANYTHING without express permission from BOTH parents.

The drawbacks:

- I grew up so afraid, timid, and often left with regret for not voicing out my opinions when it suppose to be said.

- become a shut-in. (I think im married to my Astro. haha)

- since I'm not allowed to go anywhere, I tend to do weird stuff by myself. ( now my younger sister joined me)

The Brightsides

- The Brotherhood and Sisterhood and Siblinghood amongst us four is quite admirable. Well, the only persons we allowed to hangout with are the other three siblings. haha

- Ayahanda ketip kan kuku panjang, bonda sikatkan rambut. Kau ada?

- All of us never flunked in school, and perform quite well in our studies. (due to takde chance nak pergi sana sini bersuka suki party dengan teman-teman)

- And yes, we grew up to be simple- minded. Simply happy over simple things. (see how happy I am, dapat keluar sekejap makan secret recipe dengan Cheah?)

(and no, I don't actually eat that Classic Cheesecake with chopstick. Just fooling around)

and god bless Cheah for always picking the right things to eat.

Although it was a guilty-treat (fattening), every bit tasted heavenly~~~


The INVISIBLE LINE is for our own good. We knew that. and We accepted that.

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