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Thursday, September 6, 2012


I am currently serving my chambering period at a firm in Kajang Prima. The firm called The Chambers of Waran. And my master looked like Harry Potter. Hahaha.

No lah, Mr. R. Vigneshwaran Raju just a regular Indian lawyer, BUT! He was a bit different. He was kind, friendly, helpful, and lecturer-like (he likes to explain things from scratch, but that’s actually a very helpful method). 

When I was called for an interview, my family was sceptical and a tad pessimistic.

Malaysians has this attitude of hastily generalizing a certain traits and attached it to certain races. 

“You know what they say about Indian lawyers? They are bloodsuckers!” NOT TRUE. He looked very human with no vampire-y fangs. 

“Ala, Lawyer India ke? Tak takut dapat gaji sikit tapi kena marah hari-hari?” NOT TRUE. He did not get angry even though I asked him the same question repeatedly (sebab aku ni slow sikit kadang-kadang. Huk).

Alah, you guys should see my father when he was angry. He can break a big wooden door, a television, and tear cable wire with his two bare hands. Now, that is what I called as SCARY.

Anyhowss, I got a chambering buddy! Her name is Nur Atika bt Mohd Rosli ,she lives in Jelok Impian, which is not very far from our chambering place. She has 5 cats (Yezzaaaaaa. Found me a fellow cat lover!) and sometimes, out of the blue,she will take out her BB and take some pictures of us. (While driving, while walking in the rain, while gossiping in front of Kompleks Mahkamah Jalan Duta, you’ll never know!). She is a nice person, we sometimes trapped in a polite awkwardness conversations, and although we both tried to refer ourselves as “aku-kau”, but more often its “saya-awak” (That is SO not me). In the end the sentence becomes like this. “ Awak selalu ke drive ke KL? Aku area ampang-Titiwangsa-KLCC selalulah, tp jalan yang you pakai ni I tak pernah try. Best gak pemandangan dia!” (This is MY sentence, exactly. Seriously. Apa ni?? )

Since I’m the only person with laptop and unlimited access of Broadband(Thank you Babah. I Lap Yu), I always got the documentation assignment. Not that I don’t like it, it was very educational and fulfilling, but when I had finished with my research or typing, I don’t have anything else to do and its killing me. So I connected my lappie to my phone and start Facebook-ing (Kids, do not follow your Aunt Nobby’s behaviour *with older Ted Mosby’s voice*)


I get to go to my firm at any hour , go out for lunch for two hours and get home early (seriously, baru tadi kena marah sebab tak packing2 nak balik lagi eventhough it was 6pm already. Wow!).

I Like my Chambering Place. <3 font="font"> (So far. Huks)

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