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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Thin,Colourful Papers called RINGGIT MALAYSIA

The importance of Money? Ehhh even a 3 years old toddler could have told you that. Try holding out some notes to a baby during Hari Raya Aidilfitri, he/she will definitely reach out, take it, and put it inside his/her mouth.(Onyonyoo Omey Omey nyee).

Which is irrelevent to our story mory lorry curry here.

Well, actually I want to talk about Part Time work(アルバイト). I have been setting up some of end-of-year Goals, and most of them require pecuniary support to be realized so yeah I am looking up for some Part Time job although I am currently in some sorta Practical Period. Boring, bohh ringg

Last week, my friend from JLS, Asuad asked me to be a helper in this event organized by his company, Animasia. It was a great event, BOLA KAMPUNG: BATTLE OF THE BANDS. It was an event to appreciate local independent music scene, and the winner can get their song to be the OST of the Bola Kampung Movie premiering on 2013. How cool is that?? Even the winning band has a funny name- "Sekumpulan Orang Gila" / SOG (A Bunch of Crazies) Bestt Bestttt.

Unfortunately I did not bring along my digicam, so I have taken no pictures of the event. *regrets*

Amalina the GF was also there. ;D And she waited for both of us so patiently, and my guilty conscious tweaked inside me whenever I looked at her from across the street. Sooooooooooooorrrrry Amal! >,<

The Event ended at almost 8.40pm. (Omagaaadd I am staying late outside and my parents did not even called me at all. Mezurashiii).. then Amal and I went for our most awaited dinner--- SUSHI KING. Sorry Asuad, we cant wait. A hungry girl is an ANGRY girl.


Amal, being so generous, even shared some fuel money, excluded the service tax in the receipt. Sampai serba salah pulak aku jadinya. A great friend is HERE, dudes/ dudettes!

Anyway, by the end of the event Asuad held out a white envelope to me- my pay. :') Oh RINGGIT MALAYSIA.

To date, those RINGGIT MALAYSIA are still in the envelope. Part time jobs are tiring, but they make you feel like it worth everything.

So, let's find me a new one next week!! Ka Chingss yeah\($_$)/

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