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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jalan2 WeEK

it's been a while since i wrote (or typed) something here due to the non-stop outings with my (tired-less) family

Wednesday -17th December 2008

I went to Putrajaya with my Cousins n Aunties
It was the.. i dunno.. ten thousand two hundred and eighty eighth times i've been there?? Hm.. God knows. haha
Even the Putrajaya (if it can talk la) menyampah tgk muka aku lagi. haha

But going anywhere wit my cousins make huge difference in every trip
Havoc. Happening.
N we were laughing all the time. haha. N take crazy pictures together.

That's why we have this all-time-favourite phrase
"Kami Kawan Sejak Dari Dalam Perut Lagi~~"

Tugu Negara Baru

Thursday n Friday (same routine)- 18th n 19th December 2008

woke up (not so early).
Sidai kain. Eat. Tv.
kacau adek2 men game.
Sms Amirul bucuk-bucuk.
gado ngn mama.
sembunyi bantal busuk cheah.
cabut uban babah.
talking with Lyo (FYI-anyone who doesnt know Lyo- He is my Teddy Lion- a cute one but Aimi n Jeep Loves to put him kat higher places so i wont reached him.waaa)
Ym with anyone who was online.
Picit jerawat.
Sms wit Patty n Tqah.
Try on my baju2 lama (tak muat dah. waaaa. aku sudah gemot)
Watch Ace Ventura (Lu-Uh-ZeRR~!! hahaha) n The Forbidden Kingdom

Saturday-20 th December 2008

I was damn sleepy when babah woke me up at 7. (with his usual 'walking alarm clock' voice)
He was pretty enthusiastic at the first three attempts (to wake me up) "Bangun~!! hari ni kita mau jalan2!! Cepat2~~"
The fourth times -" HOI! Bangun laa! Brapa kali mau kejut??!" . N i wake up. haha

After telling Biskut that we're going out, i go n siap2. Then all of us (with sleepy slash excited face) get in the car n went to Restoran Sup Keting (sapa punya idea laa nama kedai ni?) for breakfast. Later, the journey begins.. hoye!

First, we went to Tasik Titiwangsa- actually my dad wanna go for Eyes on Malaysia tp aku dah kata mana ada dah.. depa dah p Melaka nuh. So we just go around the Tasik- dalam keta. Waaa

N my dad used the Terowong Smart n we get pretty excited because that tunnel was 6 km or something like that, it's like, we were underwater with no sunlight to be seen.haha.- well, we were still a bunch of Kedah kids in mind n heart- to be excited over stuff like that. haha *nyanyi lagu Kedah*

Next, we went to Jalan Masjid India. Babah wanna tempah a suit for dinner. (that suit worth RM1.012.90- Holy Cow) the tailor was a well known tailor for Parliment Member n Cabinet (tertampal kat situ harga for Parliment members n others woo) where the workers were all from tailoring academy. (i dunno - i just read all the sijil2 yg tertampal kat dinding kdai tu)

n when we were there- there was a pakcik tgh asah gunting depan kedai tu. Scary Ohhh

n The sight at Jalan Masjid India was intimidating. The tall n rustic buildings. The crowded-ness of people. The colourful kain2 n baju2 org (haha. kantoi dok perati org). N the diversion of types of Things were displayed (even binoculars ada jual dowh!)

I looked fat. I knew.

Then we Go to Sogo for LunchNer ( i ate this enermous chicken chop -waaa pcah diet- which made me full until the nex morning). N mama shopping a lil bit

Then Alamanda (haha. See? That's y diz is a jalan2 day). I never had anything to do or to buy at alamanda- but I love going there. hahaha. Alamanda smell like SACC Mall (bau kedai2 barang mahal. hahaha)

Sumwhere at 10 baru la kitorang kuar Alamanda.
N lepak at Restoran Asam Pedas makan roti canai (only the boys n babah did- im too kenyang for my own good. hukhuk)

we reached home at 11. Finally.

p/s: to any language students or teachers- forgive me for the infinity of grammar mistakes in my blog. I never had enough patience n perseverance to bother about them. Deeply apologized.

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