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Thursday, December 18, 2008

ResULt KuaR

I got a msg from Patty

"Dah Boleh Result!"

(i know it doesnt make sense- but the points taken- FINAL RESULT is OUT)

Sh**. Now im NERVOUS.

Frankly, I did pretty bad (damn bad actually) in the last paper. So, Let's not put the hopes too high..

And after numerous times hitting the Refresh Button - The Traffic in the Student Portal was always (always will be) SUCKY.

I got My result

N it was as sucky as i thought

3.3 GPA (im not gonna b shame to tell everyone coz i already did when i saw my result)

I told my mum n all she said was "there goes that- for the time u've spent on sms n fooling around"

well, not that i hoped for congratulations or any sort (coz she never ever did)

Juz that
I miss UiTM
and Really HOPE this holiday will end soon

This House is HELL

1 orang cakap..:

noidentity said...


aku juga mau balik uitm.

tp aku xmo p kelas..waaa!!

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