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Friday, December 5, 2008

Mari Ber KEM!!

Phuu~ Finally home! After those restless 3 days in Kem Remaja Wawasan

-Finally, re-united with my beloved bantal and katil.. hikhik

My camp days---- Nasty, sweaty, sleepy, joyous, weird, funny, dirty and (suprisingly) far from scary

The kem Remaja Wawasan (or KREW) was Hj Abdul Aziz's (my Pak Uda) idea. He's the Pengarah Program. N the urusetia were, Hjh. Azizah (my Wanchik), Kak Farahana and Farahanim (both are my kazen), and also Hjh Zubaidah (my Makngah)

--- Now. Can u SEE why I was (forced) to be involved in this camp? The crews were my pakcik makcik n kak sedara. Shit.

Duh. I have a LOT to do at home la wei! (tgk tv, men game, men tenet , tido kat sofa, bca komik, men sms, bla bla)

Well, who the other facy(s)?

1. Baiti / Byti -the petite and chomel gurl~ tapi bila gelak, menampar2 org woo. Bahaya Siot.

2. Kak Nurizah - kak yang paling ayu tp gelak deras tak sangga.haha

3.Husna dan Azimah - anak makcik Eton yang.. urmm.. pakai tdg labuh (UIA ler) tp mnari lagu korea tyme tggu bas)

4. Atikah- super skinny gurl

5. Syawana - macam garang tapi mmg garang pon.hahahah

6. Mu'az Abdillah - they called him "Pakcik" -- Why? Of Course bcoz he LOOKED like one.hahaha- p/s : I HATE him.

tak pasai kena pamer muka kat depan haha

When I first stepped in the Facy's HQ ( haha. rumah warden dowh!) I looked around. Astro. Air -Cond. -I'm such a lucky spoiled brat- haha.Never went to any camp~ and the first one got aircond and Astro. Pergh. God LOVES me. I knew it.

later on that night, we got this activity (the facy were exempted.Wahahaha) ~ where they (the peserta la) have to find other participant- as many as they can but must exceed two names- who had the same:

- month of birth

- hobbies


~ and to add some spice : in 30 seconds -- haha. as I could see some malu2 faces who were taknak tanya the opposite sex.. i remembered my old self who tot boys are from H.E.L.L-dangerous, annoying, and eyesore (hahahaha).

We facy were basically do nothing. juz helping them find names. Well, some do cheat- but a game with no foul play -is not a game. even I play foul sometimes. hehe (Sometimes? such lie.haha)

Later.. we got our group [in my case, anak2 kucing. Nyau! Nyau!-(when im calling them to gather)] although, it was kinda messy at first ( mybe they were dissapointed to have the only kak facy yg tak lawa), but we managed to find a name-- "Antoo Fighterz" haha. Up to date what? ahahaha

1st thing 1st. I try to memorize their faces n names ( ala. 6 org je pon)

-Putera Iqbal Maula ( 15 years old)

- Nasrul Afiq ( 13 years old)

- Fathurrahman (14 years old)

- Nurrabiatul Adawiyah (12 years old)

- Norliyana (16 years old)

- Sahirah (12 years old)

umm. what combination. The only common thing about them - they were bigger (n taller) than me. Huhu. I mis my Biskut Prince- wit him only i've ever feel Normal. Waaaa

Fast Forward (the next day)

The very next day~ we were heading to Kompleks Pasir Salak ( Prince gimme a seat dalam bas tu. well, Thank you! C=) for "Menjejak Warisan"- where we (in group led by a facy) have to go and search for answers~ they've given us 20 questions + 2 individual -

Well, Finding the answers satu hal, mengembala budak2 ni lagi satu bala besar. hadoi.

I guess tyme ni la I started to get along with those kids- the suara lemah lembut tp badan ketui2 PRINCE, the young but hillarious NASRUL JEYBO, the senyap tp tak malu posing bila tgkap gamba FATHURRAHMAN, the comel tp a unbelievably loud BABY NURRA, the ayu YANA, and the over semangat n full of questions IRA.

N suprisingly they do stick wit me the whole day despite being the most selekeh facy ( i mean, second selekeh- that Pakcik is even mo selekeh than I am) -Sayang Korang!(but it was weird to bahasakan diri as kakak in a bunch of people who are bigger than me. haha)

dari kiri : Prince, Nasrul , Fathurrahman

dari kiri: Yana , Baby Nurra, Ira

Finally, we managed to get most of the answers ( except the one which goes- Sultan Azlan Syah ialah Sultan Perak yg Keberapa? Dammit. Isn't he a judge? Why do he has to be a sultan too??)

-- after countless time running after Prince n Nurra who always merayap sana sini (ada affair ka budak budak oi?? *suspicious face*) and also keep lookong for Yana n Ira who keep wandered around to find the answers (semangat sgt plak dah. takdak hadiah pun woi!) The most dengar cakap were Nasrul n Fathurrahman. panggil je muncul. Ting! haha.

p/s: When we reached Galeri Sejarah (the last destination) I was super exhausted n tell them to go on while I wrote all the answers in the question paper. Unexpectedly, they refused n sat around me instead. "kami nak tunggu kak Bila". Huu T^T *terharu* _ I feel like begging for Bintang (anyone who behave well will be given a bintang!) each one of my Antoo Fighterz. I LOVE those kids!

Then we had lunch ~~ SEDAP GLERRR (sbb tgh lapa tahap dewa kala) Well, prince sat next to me n I keep on nervously laugh at his jokes (coz at the same tyme Nurra is sending weird red aura to me. Hey. He is the one who choose to sat next to me duh!) I rather sat next to Nasrul (we do cuci mata sama2 when walking together~ when we saw a pretty lady crossing the road-haha. Me n my weird hobby are not alone! Hoye!

When we got on the bus, everyone was drained to death. Damn Tired. even there was a boy who tido tertonggeng and muka tempek kat seat depan . (hahahaha) n I remembered that we still had a few activity after this. Waaaaaaaaaa

To Be Continued ... (actually dah malas nak taip.haha)

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